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3 Books on Spirituality that will Change How You Perceive Life

Real Changes Hbuddha-999720_960_720appens from the Inside Out,

Not the Outside In.

As children, we are admitted in schools to ‘learn’ how to read and write and do arithmetic. Soon enough, we get caught up in the web of completing our education, finding a good job, sustaining it, getting married, having children – and loads of other responsibilities and relationships. We hardly ever get time to ask ourselves what we want. Spirituality is about making time and finding ways to reach answers to age-old questions like:

Who am I?

What is My Purpose in Life?

Once we know our Inner Self and what we really want, it becomes easier to drop pretensions and live purposefully. As we set our Soul free from the shackles of unnecessary guilt, expectations, anger and sadness, a lot of things start falling into perspective.

If you are a true Seeker, we recommend you three books on Spirituality that will change how you see Life:

Know Thyself

There’s a difference in being lonely and being alone. If you are lonely, you will feel sad and depressed. But spending some time alone can offer you some of the most precious moments of peace and clarity. Steal some ‘me’ time and be aware of your breath, your surroundings, and your limitless, all-knowledgeable, all-powerful and pure Self.

This spiritual book uses concepts from Science, Psychology, Philosophy, Psychosomatics and obviously Spiritualism to suggest strategies that can help you discover your Inner Self.

Available in e-book format, Know Thyself answers questions that have remained a mystery for saints and philosophers for thousands of years.

Think from the Heart, Love from the Mind

Contrary to what we have been doing all through our lives, this spiritual book guides us to think from our hearts and experience care, companionship and above all – Oneness with the Universe. It reveals how you should let go of doubts, illusions, ego and judgment to discover the vastness of our Core – the divine that resides within us.

This book also says that those who love from the mind – without any expectations and conditions – are the only one to experience the true form of Love.

The Ultimate Reality

One of the gems on Spirituality, The Ultimate Reality is all about experiential awareness. It dwells on how duality is inherent part of our world – good and bad, friends and enemies, happiness and sadness – and how to accept both with grace.

This third book digs deeper into the plane of Higher Consciousness. It helps us sail through various stages of experiential realization and be truly liberated.

These books on Spirituality help us embrace the most beautiful thought that ever was, is, and will be:

Everything is Good. Life is Beautiful. Surrender to What Is and Let Things Go. Go with the Flow and Enjoy Your Life.

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