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3 Spiritual Books Online to Help You See Things Clearly

Spiritual BooksIf you think that chaos and confusion rules your life, you are not alone? Hundreds and hundreds of others around you feel the same about their lives. Some of the most common questions that plague us all are –

“What is the purpose of our life?”

“Am I bad?”

“Is there a God?”

“Will ever get a good opportunity, and will I be able to use it well?”

Yet, incessant worrying about such questions does not lead us to any solutions. Answer to such questions only come to you when you get in touch with your Inner Self, and learn to communicate with it. Often, such questions are your first step to spiritualism.

There are three spiritual books that can help you gain mental clarity. They are:

Know Thyself

Many complications of our lives get resolved automatically, when we know about our real Self. Self-awareness is the key to know what you like or don’t like, what are your core values and ideals, what do you want in life, what life you want to live…and take the right decisions to reach your life goals.

‘Know Thyself’ is a book about spirituality that offers you a simple and practical approach to be aware about your real intentions, drop all pretensions, and start living the life as you want it to be.

Think from the Heart, Love from the Mind

Our mind judges, analyzes, compares, and deduces. It is all about logic and reasoning. It is rigid in nature and if it dominates our thought processes, we may live a life of fear and anxiety and may become devoid of compassion, thoughtfulness and kindness. Our heart on the other hand is guided by emotions, hopes and dreams. When we are in love, our heart may take over – clouding our logical faculty and making us go blind to the factual status of the relationship we share with our loved one.

‘Think from the Heart, Love from the Mind’ is a spiritual book online that helps you attain the stage where your heart and your mind work in unison, and reach the ‘No-Mind’ zone where you are simply aware of everything in its absolute form.

The Ultimate Reality

This wonderful online book on spirituality talks about Absolute Truth and Relative Truth – and changes the very way we see and interpret our world. It mentions ‘centering methods’ that you can use to set yourself in a position where you become one with your divine self.

This book picks you up from being an ‘actor’ on the world’s stage and shows you the path to become the ‘director’ of your own world.

If you are living a life full of fears and doubts, write to us at You might just discover a new way to live the life you always wanted to be yours.

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