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5 Reasons Why Spiritual Empowerment is More Important than Following Religion


I believe in God, but not as one Entity or an Old Man in the Sky. I believe that God lives within all of us. I believe that what Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and all the other Masters said was right. It’s just that the translations have gone wrong.’― John Lennon

Religion and Spirituality are not synonymous – as most people assume. Religion is someone else’s interpretation of God while Spirituality is about discovery of yourself and Your God – the one that feels right to you. Spiritual Empowerment is certainly a worthier goal than following a religion as it expands your vision. It does not try to control and manipulate your thought processes but transcends them to help you identify with your Soul with all its Infinite Potential.

Religion and Spirituality both lead to the Oneness with the Universe but their approach to this ‘Evolution’ process is quite different. Here are five reasons why we think you should focus on Spiritual Empowerment more right from the beginning:

1.      No Indoctrination, Only Intuition

Religions have a set of rules or specific ideology to follow – which turn into blind beliefs in the long run. By the time you move to Spirituality and start discovering Your True Self, you have to ‘unlearn’ many of the things you have taken for granted till now. Sometimes, it is heartbreaking to let go long-held ideals.

When you get empowered spiritually, you start following your heart. You do not do things for rewards or to avoid punishments. You just do them because they feel right to you…and give you Inner Peace and Happiness.

2.     No Fear, Only Love

Most of the religions use ‘fear’ as their tool to lead their followers on the paths they deem to be right. If you don’t do this, you will face ‘Demons in Hell’ or ‘Burn in Fire Forever’ or ‘Be Entrapped in Birth & Death Cycle Forever’.

Spiritual Empowerment comes when you put aside your Fear and start acting out of Love – Love for Yourself and Love for Others. When you acquire the courage to move on the right path despite the consequences, you truly become Free.

3.     No Spoon Feeding, Only Discovery and Exploration

You approach your Holy Book – Bible, Gita, and Quran etc. – to find answers to your questions. What they say becomes a theory for your ego that you follow just to project how religious you are.

Spiritual practices help you find your own truth experientially and deepen your understanding in the process.

Religion is like receiving food that is already cooked while Spirituality is about learning to cook it yourself.

4.     No Them, Only Us

When religious gurus speak, they show how you are different from others…and how you should stick with your community or religion as they share your values and ethos.

True Spiritual Guru always talks about how we are one despite our uniqueness and differences.

5.     No Past Glory and Ignominy, Only Pure & Clear Present

Religions thrive on stories and mythology about angels and demons.

Spirituality only talks about your journey to Enlightenment and Living in ‘Now’ where you can create your own stories.

Spiritual Empowerment comes when you get over Communal Divides, Races, and Borders to Embrace Everyone as One Vast Connected Universe.

Happy Journey to Your Inner Core!

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