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Awakening of the Soul


Today, science does not recognize existence of the soul; nor does it have any idea how a human body experiences anything.  However in the essential nature of body, mind and spirit, science and Hindu epistemology through Advaita Vedanta, both agree – all that exists is one absolute energy or Brahman. It is the essence of your being, which may exist as matter or spirit, which can neither be created nor destroyed, is interchangeable and remains constant.

The individual soul exists in the body as the doer and the one who experiences, whereas the eternal Self watches over all perceptions and actions by the body and mind. Even in deep sleep when the self-consciousness subsides along with all other mental operations, the witnessing self sustains itself without yielding in total awareness.

This according to Vedic monism is the dictum behind ‘Thou Art That’, being the journey of every individual soul as the ultimate truth, to re-join the guild of unified consciousness, the unconditioned non-attached soul, atman. The absolute or the Brahman is the soul’s actual self.  The individual soul experiences life in duality, wrapped in a physical sheath journeying from one cycle of birth and death to another until it fuses with the Absolute Consciousness, the Supreme Soul. It goes back again into the oneness from where it came. When the mind and body awaken from ignorance to experience that the real self is not the existing physical gross energy, the journey of awakening begins in the transcendence of the soul from ego towards the divine.

In fact, the individual soul keeps wandering, searching in experiential realization for that Supreme soul, in order to liberate itself from all bindings. Like waves and particles exist simultaneously in the sub-atomic field of any form of energy. Similarly we have both the jiva and the Isvara existing simultaneously in order for us to experience and realize both the absolute and the relative.

In Eastern philosophy, soul is divine and the source of power of this divine energy is called Kundalini. It is a phrase used more often in the yogic tradition. It provides the Absolute to connect with the cosmos and at the same time experience the dualities of physical existence. Kundalini is the esoteric stage of all yoga. If one wishes to really know the Self, knowing the ‘kunda’ makes one aware. It is the foundation of who and what we are.

Kundalini is the vital life energy and activation of this energy enhances ultimate spiritual growth, by leading us towards an expanded state of consciousness, from the unitary soul towards the unified collective soul. The illumination of this energy is also referred to as Chi, Prana or Holy Spirit, allowing the mind’s awareness to comprehend the Oneness to which we belong. There are no limitations in the soul’s accessibility and it may be awakened simply by a mantra, meditation and other yogic practices. It may also come to us spontaneously during sex, war or through strong conviction.

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