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Awakening of the Soul

Awakening Today, science does not recognize existence of the soul; nor does it have any idea how a human body experiences anything.  However in the essential nature of body, mind and spirit, science and Hindu epistemology through Advaita Vedanta, both agree - all that exists is one absolute energy or Brahman. It is the essence of your being, which may exist as matter or spirit, which can neither be created nor destroyed, is interchangeable and remains constant. The individual soul exists in the body as the doer and the one who experiences, whereas the eternal Self watches over all perceptions and actions by the body and mind. Even in deep sleep when the...
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This is the best book on Spirituality I have ever read

chair-1497534_960_720'Think from the Heart, Love from the Mind' is the best book on spirituality I have read till now. This splendid work is based on the ancient works of Indian sages known as Vedas, Puranas, and Upanishads. What makes it amazing is the fact that though rooted in these ancient treatises, this spiritual book remains relevant to the present day and age. Every single chapter of this book is pure gold and is applicable to any person's life - irrespective of his or her financial or social status. I am yet to come across another book on spirituality that is as profound as this one.

Here are...

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Why Are Seekers So Crazy About These Spiritual Books Online?

book-1362173_960_720The three best-selling spiritual books online these days are – Know Thyself; Think from the Heart, Love from the Mind; and The Ultimate Reality. There is a reason why these books on spirituality are so famous. The author of these spiritual books is a practical, well-grounded person who dwells less on ‘his experiences’ and more on ‘what you can experience’.

Here is why spiritual seekers love these books so much:

Many Ann has been an avid reader of various spiritual books online and offline. When we asked her which books she liked best, she said, "I recommend 'Know Thyself' and the other two books in the series...

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Top Spiritual Books Online that You Need to Read

book-2073023_960_720My own spiritual journey began years ago when I heard the stories of various Hindu gods and goddesses and their adventures in my grandmother's lap. The stories always emphasized on being kind but courageous enough to stand up to the evils facing you, being charitable but only to those who deserve it, being open to everyone but be choosy in making friends and several other facets of life.

As I grew up, I became more pragmatic. Theory and philosophy did not interest me much. I read many of the top spiritual books online but here are the three that I found to be most practical:

Know Thyself:...

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