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How to Skim Through Spiritual Books When You Don’t Have Time?

book-1209805_960_720Reading spiritual books is like strolling in a garden; it sows and nurtures good seeds within you. It introduces to new ideas, ideals and spiritual practices, and changes you from within - transforming your attitude slowly and steadily in such a way that you learn to 'rejoice' life and celebrate it in all its forms.

Many of us do not dare to pick up a spiritual book because it takes time to read and understand. Well, this is not true if you are a smart reader. Here are a few tips you can use to skim through spiritual books when you are short on time:

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Thinking from the Heart VS Thinking from the Mind: Which one should you be doing in your life?

Hiker with backpack enjoying valley view from top of a mountainThinking: the talking of the soul with itself

Thinking is an activity that we do on a consistent basis throughout our life. So whether your plans worked out well or you are simply wondering about somebody, you can easily feel the think bubble building on your mind. Our thoughts take us anywhere in the world without the need to move an inch. Thinking is a never ending process but the way we do it makes a great impact on our reality.

Some say that you should follow the heart while the others say that you should follow your brain...

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How Thinking from the Heart Restores Your Health and Make Your Life Enjoyable?

rapper-1991345_960_720“It’s exhausting to fight a war inside your head every single time” – Mickie Ann

Our mind and body is the true reflection of our thoughts, the way we nourish one truly affects the others. We all want to live our life in the best manner yet sometimes we find it hard to achieve our goals. So what is the thing that's actually stopping you from achieving it? The answer is your own thoughts.

It is believed that we hold an entire universe within us and the way to create a reality, whether good or bad, starts with us only. We possess identically the same bodies yet our minds...

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Transform Negative Thinking to the Positive with Awakening Books on Spirituality

book-863418_960_720“Negativity is a Thief it Steals Happiness”

The human thought process is the most complex occurrence. Nobody teaches us how to think as we learn to do it on our own. All of us have been blessed with a capable mind, and other amazing senses to carry this complex task for us yet the way each one of us thinks is unique enough.

Thoughts (also called thinking) are ideas that begin entirely in our head but affect our life in a significant way. Every human has a capability to take their thoughts to two extremes, Negative and Positive.

Negative thoughts are the ones that make you...

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