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Knowing Thyself is the Lost Key to Spiritual Empowerment

acrylic-1323646_960_720Spiritual Empowerment may mean many different things to you. For some, it is about having a 'vision' or a purpose in life; for others, it might mean the ability to take right decisions at the right time. There are some who believe that spiritual empowerment is about attaining special powers to help them live a more fulfilling and enriched life. Irrespective of what you mean by spiritual empowerment, knowing who you are and what makes you feel motivated, angry or depressed remains a crucial step to attain it.

In his book 'Know Thyself, Gian Kumar writes that 'The flow of life is related to the concept that...

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What Most Books about Spirituality Fail to Tell You


Many books about spirituality are actually about an organized religion. They confuse 'being spiritual' with 'being religious'. But the truth is that more and more young people today are spiritual but do not like to be affiliated to any religion or faith. They are open to beliefs and experiences that take them beyond their childhood faith to answer the life's biggest questions.

Here we are going to discuss the key points that are vital to your spiritual journey but are skipped over by some of the most prominent religious books and their books about spirituality:

Master the Power of Words and 'Silence'....

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Know Best-Hidden Secrets from the Books for Spiritual Meditations

ancient-1807518_960_720Many books for spiritual meditations do contain answers to several questions that have long plagued the mankind but not everyone is able to dig them out. Erwin Schrödinger, who won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1933 and was known for his lifelong interest in Vedanta philosophy of Hinduism, said, "From the early great Upanishads, 'ATHMAN' was recognised as 'BRAHMAN'(which means that the personal self equals the omnipresent, all-comprehending eternal self.)" His statement stemmed from the Advaita philosophy of the Upanishads, which believes that we are one with the Brahmn (or Energy) that pervades through this Universe.

Here are some of the other nuggets of wisdom from...

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How to Skim Through Spiritual Books When You Don’t Have Time?

book-1209805_960_720Reading spiritual books is like strolling in a garden; it sows and nurtures good seeds within you. It introduces to new ideas, ideals and spiritual practices, and changes you from within - transforming your attitude slowly and steadily in such a way that you learn to 'rejoice' life and celebrate it in all its forms.

Many of us do not dare to pick up a spiritual book because it takes time to read and understand. Well, this is not true if you are a smart reader. Here are a few tips you can use to skim through spiritual books when you are short on time:

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