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Meditation Techniques for Beginners from the best books for Spiritual Meditations

Spiritual MeditationOver 3,000 scientific studies have been conducted to find out the benefits of meditation. Some of the major meditation benefits include - enhanced energy levels, better health, improved performance, and stretching out 'happy' periods of your life. It has been found that meditating for just 20 minutes a day on a daily basis can help you:

  • increases your focus by 10 times,
  • doubles up your immunity level,
  • reduces depression by 75%,
  • reduces anxiety by 30%, and
  • increases your overall sense of well-being by 65%.

There are several types of meditation techniques you can choose to follow. Here are some of...

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Books on Spirituality that help you to be Wonderful You!

Know thyselfAs we grow older, one of our biggest regrets is not to be able to achieve your true potential in life. Not knowing what your true potential is, and to seize the opportunities to realize it in a timely manner - are the biggest challenges we need to overcome to really unleash what we are capable of.

Three important steps you can take to manifest yourself in your best form (and the books on spirituality that can help you with each one of them) are:

Know Thyself

When you set out to you realize your potential to the fullest, you first need to have...

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Best DIY books about Spirituality to guide you to the Road to Light

Books about Spirituality For experiential learners and those of us who are DIY (Do-It-Yourself) types, it is not easy to follow someone blindly. The biggest problem with the spiritual books, religions and gurus is that they lack a practical perspective about 'spirituality'. Many of them are too theoretical or philosophical in nature, and it seems too complicated to follow them. To uphold the lofty spiritual ideals is not easy unless you awaken to your own realization of truth and its values.

Here are three DIY books about spirituality that are very simple to understand. They do not prescribe complex spiritual practices or do not present rigid dogmas. They...

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8 Gems of Spiritual Empowerment From The Ancient Stream of Wisdom

Young womanThe trilogy of books on spiritual empowerment by Gian Kumar draws its inspiration from ancient Hindu philosophy. Here are the eight wisdom quotes on spiritual growth and empowerment from the Vedas, Upanishads and Bhagwad Gita that find mention in these books:

The four Purusharthas, as laid down by Vedas, are Dharma (righteousness), Arth (financial security), Kama (sensual desires), and Moksha (spiritual realization). They help us to understand the purpose of our lives and fulfill it. - Know Thyself

Hindu beliefs, recorded in the Bhagavat Gita, reveal that many gods are subject to a supreme Brahman God. We take this as "absolute reality," meaning God and the...

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