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Thinking from the Heart is the Way to Access Intuition

candle-1646765_960_720A very interesting research has been published in the May issue of Psychological Science. Joel Pearson, an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of New South Wales in Australia, and his colleagues attempted to define 'Intuition' and pin it down as a real phenomenon. They defined 'Intuition' as the decision-making process in which you use a piece of information you are not exactly conscious of, and use ‘emotions’ (such as fear, anxiety, or excitement) as the indicators of your hunches.

In the experiment, 21 participants are shown fields of moving dots. The participants had to report the direction of the dots moving only in 'right' or 'left'...

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Think from the Heart: Let the Feelings be Your Guide

Spiritual bookTill now, we have been taught to think logically and rationally, and keep our emotions and feelings away when it comes to making a decision. ‘Think from the Heart, Love from the Mind’ is a spiritual book that points out that those who think from the heart while making decisions are bound to be more sensitive towards all those concerned, and often yield better results.

Similarly, when we love from the mind, we do not let our hearts go blind in a sphere which might be so important for us. Just by being alert to the truth and facts about our relationships, we are able to...

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Spiritual Awakening Books that Talk About Real Experiences

buddha-1158030_960_720Spiritual Awakening is indescribable. Some compare it to the feeling of euphoria multiplied by thousand times; some others describe it as an everlasting place of peace and joy. However, it cannot be understood. You can only experience it. All you can ever hope to learn from spiritual awakening books is the theory behind the phenomenon, the process that may lead you to through various stages and spiritual practices that may quicken your inner journey.

Here are some of the best books on spirituality that are based on real experiences of the author and hence, offer practical advice that everyone can follow:

Know Thyself

Spiritualism means different...

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Know Thyself to Unlock Your Dreams, and Uncomplicate Your Life

buddha-1522234_960_720All spiritual seekers aim for ‘Enlightenment’ but how can you expect to know everything about anything, until you know about yourself? ‘Know Thyself’ is the book that takes you on an inner journey where you can connect to your own Truth, which lies buried under years of conditioning and dualities.

Your mind is made up of your conscious, subconscious and unconscious thoughts. When we make a decision or a choice in life, we are heavily influenced by our subconscious and unconscious mind too – even if we don’t realize it.

That is why our Upanishads say that ‘Our deepest desires define what we are. What we Desire,...

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