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Books about Spirituality that Make the Missing Piece in Your World


Reunion with Self is only possible when we are ready to embrace our entire life – even the most painful memories – and deal with them. When we travel inward, we become more and more aware about the walls we have raised to block people, memories and scenarios that make us sad and angry.

We realize that as we dissolve these walls – from the point of Higher Consciousness, forgiveness comes naturally. We learn to forgive others as well as ourselves – and with that our Guilt, Sadness and Anger gives way to Happiness, Joy and Bliss.

Here are some Books about spirituality that can help you find the missing pieces of your world and become whole once again.

Know Thyself

This online book on spirituality puts forward a friendly path to discover yourself and the spiritual connect. Written in a simple and easy-to-understand manner for modern readers, it uses a logical mix of Science, Psychology, Philosophy and Religion to help you find answers to age-old questions like Who am I? and Whether God is an Illusion?

Think from the Heart, Love from the Mind

When we love from the heart, we expect, calculate and possess. We demand love in return. Our emotions are biased in self-interest, and we want more and more. This is what our heart desires when we love ‘conditionally’. On the other hand, when we think from the heart, we experience oneness, care and companionship.

Similarly, when we love from the mind – with zero expectations – we start giving unconditionally.

This book about spirituality helps you learn the art of balancing Mind and Heart to achieve a well-rounded perspective on life. It also suggests spiritual practices to take you beyond both into the realm of Oneness and Infinity.

The Ultimate Reality

The third of the Gian Kumar spiritual books, The Ultimate Reality    talks about the emptiness we feel despite all the digital and material comforts we have. We yearn to alleviate the pain of our past and anxieties about our future. This spiritual book offers you experiential methods on how to tackle anxiety, suffering and depression with awareness and the power of Oneness.

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