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Books to Speed Up Your Spiritual Awakening

Books about SpiritualitySpiritual Awakening can be a strange phenomenon for many. Sometimes, the occurrences that indicate the opening up of your Inner World seem so normal that you almost ignore them such as changes in sleep patterns; being on an emotional roller coaster ride; issues and people you need to face and work upon start appearing in your life once again; and strange changes in the kind of food you crave for and ones you can’t tolerate. You gradually surrender to your ego and accept the oddest of situations as simply a part of life.

Then, there are things that definitely clue you in to your spiritual empowerment such as energy tingling on your head or crown chakra or up and down your spine; expansion of your vision in which you can see auras of people, animals, plants and objects; seeing grids on the ground; better vision in the dark; seeing colours more vividly; being able to hear more clearly or at new frequencies; and bursts of uncharacteristic power and creativity. What you thought earlier as mysterious and mystical, starts to make sense.

Top Spiritual Awakening books that can help you recognizethese symptoms and accelerate them are:

Know Thyself

This spiritual book helps you discover and recognize your ‘Self’. It digs into Psychology, Science, Spiritualism, Philosophy and Psychosomatics to give you answers to the most difficult questions of all times – Who am I?, Is there  God?, and What do I want?

Think from the Heart, Love from the Mind

This book makes you aware about how Mind and Heart can create pain and conflict – when they are not in sync with each other. It also tells you how to control both these faculties and grow beyond them to enter the Zone where you don’t need them anymore – where you are simply Aware of all that is happening, where you are Infinite, and where you will be in Bliss forever.

The Ultimate Reality

This is one of the few books about Spiritual Awakening whereyou will actually get to read about Experiential Awareness. The book shows you some easy experiments, which can help you shut down your mind’s constant chatter and immerse in Higher Consciousness.

May the Light Within You Shine!

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