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Category Archives: Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth and Development happens by Challenging Yourself

vortex-2150341__340Nothing in Life comes easily. Even a newborn baby has to cry to be breastfed by his mother.

-       Old Indian Saying

You can achieve nothing by doing nothing. To grow spiritually, you have to play an active role as a seeker. You need to dig into the thoughts you have buried deep inside your heart and uncover your real Self, you need to re-question your beliefs and actions, and you have to be ready to challenge yourself to think in a different manner, and do things you haven’t done till now.

If you are ready for the Change, spiritual growth and development is not as...

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Meditation Techniques for Beginners from the best books for Spiritual Meditations

Spiritual MeditationOver 3,000 scientific studies have been conducted to find out the benefits of meditation. Some of the major meditation benefits include - enhanced energy levels, better health, improved performance, and stretching out 'happy' periods of your life. It has been found that meditating for just 20 minutes a day on a daily basis can help you:

  • increases your focus by 10 times,
  • doubles up your immunity level,
  • reduces depression by 75%,
  • reduces anxiety by 30%, and
  • increases your overall sense of well-being by 65%.

There are several types of meditation techniques you can choose to follow. Here are some of...

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3 Steps to Spiritual Growth, and Spiritual Books to Help You with Each One

Spiritual GrowthPure Consciousness never changes. It remains untouched and unaffected by the events of our lives, status of our bodies, and whatever is happening around us. It simply 'waits and watches'. Spiritual growth is about the growth of this 'witnessing'. It is not about experiencing new things but about learning to simply be a 'witness' whatever is happening. By simply being a witness, we enter the realm of ‘Awareness’ and start seeing things from a different perspective. It has been noted that those who are more spiritually aware about themselves, of the moment, and their surroundings - are less prone to depression, various addictions, and manipulation.

The aim...

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What Religious Gurus Don’t Tell You About Spiritual Growth and Development

Spiritual DevelopmentEven though most religions come from highly evolved people, they often fall into the trap of ending up as life-controlling and mind-manipulating belief systems – instead of nudging believers towards their spiritual growth and development.

With only a handful of true leaders to show us the way, many other so-called religious gurus and spiritual leaders just polish up what has already been said and written and pretend to be 'enlightened masters' of our world. All they are truly interested in is your money, and the power they have over...

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