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Easily Digestible Spiritual Books for Logical Minds

The West has always believed in things that can be observed and verified. The western education trains us to see Truth as something that can be measured scientifically and explained with the help of data points. It says:

If Science can’t explain it, it doesn’t exist!

Plain and simple, right.

But what about things that Science can’t explain or heal yet. What about our intuition or gut feeling? Science can’t explain it yet but does that mean that they are just ‘false’ alarms? Spirituality often talks about things that do not sit well with those who have learnt to be logical and rational and that becomes one of the biggest impediments in their discovery of their true self.

Thankfully, there are a few spiritual books that do present the logic and reasoning behind some of the most abstract concepts associated with the world of spiritualism and are easier to consume for new-age people.

We highly recommend these three books on spirituality for a seeker who is still skeptic about the world he or she is waiting to uncover:

Know Thyself: This spiritual book leads us to question the nature of Truth itself – whether it is subjective or objective, relative or absolute. It guides us to the spiritual path where we ourselves discover the Truth with ‘no paradoxes, dualities, illusions or egoism’. It helps us discover our own Truth that has the power to set us free from bondages of life – and get a clearer picture of how and what we want to be.

Think from the Heart, Love from the Mind: In the East, spiritualism is said to be the Science of Consciousness. This book on spirituality points out to the fact that what Science teaches us about Reality – is in fact illusionary and dual. We perceive things as good or bad, black or white – and ignore all the grey shades in between. Spiritual Living is accepting the existence in its totality. Our approach changes to reach that stage of ‘oneness’ and ‘absoluteness’ that only comes with self-awareness. The book guides us to be in touch with the ‘divine’ within us.

The Ultimate Reality: This book reminds us of the fact that the duality is just a portion, face or side of the one absolute Truth – and hence, not totally incorrect. What we need to learn is to let the ‘mind’ dissolve and enter the ‘No Mind Zone’ which has the capacity to see the Truth is in its entirety. The book also touches upon the spiritual practices and popular meditation techniques that seeker can use to reach that stage.

Spirituality is not all magic or all logic. It is about perceiving the real nature of things – dropping the prejudices and framework of our minds. Contact us for more spiritual discussions at



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