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Four Stages of Spiritual Growth and Development

TherSpiritual Growthe are many articles on the Stages of Spiritual Growth and Development most of them connecting to religion in some way or another. Spirituality and Religion can be mutually exclusive at times.

The four stages of spiritual development we are about to discuss are true for all of us irrespective of our religious affiliations:

Recognizing Your Self

Our spiritual journey begins when we consciously try to remove confusions, doubts and questions in our minds and gain clarity of what we really want. At this stage, we are eager to drop all pretensions and be in touch with our Inner Self. Know Thyself is the book targeted for this section of spiritual seekers.

Claiming Control of Your World

Once we gain some kind of awareness, you start observing all the imperfections and the imbalances in this world of duality. This is the time to nurture your Soul and move beyond the physical and emotional limitations of our Mind and Heart. This is the stage where we start our journey towards that Higher Consciousness. Think from the Heart, Love from the Mind is all about how to sail through this phase smoothly.

Stabilizing in the No-Mind Zone

Once we become aware of our true Self and its infinite purity and creativity, we have to learn how to stay there. This is the stage where we become centered and start having spiritual experiences – which may shock and surprise the uninitiated. The Ultimate Reality is a good book to learn more about this stage of spiritual awakening.


By the time you reach this stage, your life changes altogether. Your spiritual beliefs become experiential in your thoughts, words and deeds. Your life becomes simpler, happier and immersive. You become calm and you do not need any more guidance. You enter a new world where all questions end and all answers start coming to you on their own.

Do you believe Spirituality helps you to be Divine? No, it helps you to Recognize that Divinity within You.

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