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How Thinking from the Heart Restores Your Health and Make Your Life Enjoyable?

rapper-1991345_960_720“It’s exhausting to fight a war inside your head every single time” – Mickie Ann

Our mind and body is the true reflection of our thoughts, the way we nourish one truly affects the others. We all want to live our life in the best manner yet sometimes we find it hard to achieve our goals. So what is the thing that’s actually stopping you from achieving it? The answer is your own thoughts.

It is believed that we hold an entire universe within us and the way to create a reality, whether good or bad, starts with us only. We possess identically the same bodies yet our minds are so different. The way we think is variable enough, for some it leads to the heaven while for the others it is the route to hell. The actual difference lies in whether you use your brain or your heart to take decisions. The brain is powerful and capable of making even the ruthless decisions but heart, on the other hand, is emotional and often goes with the instinct.

In this modern age, people prefer thinking from the brain rather than the heart. It appears a practical option since you must have always been told to make decisions rationally than emotionally. Thinking from the heart is however not that bad at all because when you do so, you are likely to develop sound health and an enjoyable life.

To think from the heart is a practice where you try to understand your own thoughts without being too rational. It is sometimes okay to be emotional and to not curb the vulnerable side of your personality. When you think from the heart, chances are that you acknowledge the deepest thoughts you hold. Then you start building a positive chain for your life. You cultivate immense positivity in every area of your life, be it personal or professional. This is how thinking from the heart brings a transformation for your health:

  • You instantly experience decline in your stress levels
  • You find yourself out of the depression zone
  • Resistance against diseases due to strengthened immune system
  • You achieve better cardiovascular health
  • Overall increase in your lifespan

A slight alteration in your existing thought process can do wonders to your life. Fighting a war inside your brain is of no use, with positive direction and support of your heart, you can achieve overall prosperity in every field that you wish for.

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