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How to be a Spiritual Person when you have a Scientific Mind

How to be a Spiritual Person when you have a Scientific Mind

If you love the idea of analyzing your mind and gain some insights into your real desires but are afraid of treading into the world of mystical Spirituality, you are not alone. There are too many geeks, nerds, skeptics, rational thinkers and people who are always confused that fall in the same league – looking for spiritual knowledge explained in a logical and practical way.


Fortunately, Gian Kumar is a Spiritual Guru with a difference. With a scientific bent of mind, he well understands how to be a spiritual person without resorting to inexplicable fantasies. Here are the four tips he suggests for Seekers who breathe Science:



• Understand that Spirituality and Religion are mutually exclusive: Once you learn to distinguish spiritual awakening from subscribing to age-old religious belief systems, you widen your perspective on to what religious preachers, saviors and prophetshave taught.

• Experimental Research supports Meditation, Mind Power and other Mystical Concepts of Spirituality: If you are a serious student of Science, you will be able to trace a number of studies that pertain to how spiritual empowerment can bring about physical and psychological changes in a person. Dr. Valerie Hunt has written a book called Infinite Mind that reveals how human mind works in complete scientific terms. Louise Hay’s book Heal Your Body outlines how psychological causes manifest as physical ailments in your body.

• Believe in Positive Psychology for Lasting Happiness: The science has always supported positive thinking. Dig online and you should be able to find many exercises and meditation techniques to help you bring about changes in your thinking process.

• Environmentalists agree that are we are One with the Universe: Some of the best scientists have published findings that humans are not separate from their environment. Our surroundings affect us just as we affect our surroundings. As you evolve spiritually, you just immerse deeper and deeper in this feeling of oneness, until we can actually feel the infinite vastness of our Inner Self.

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