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How to Skim Through Spiritual Books When You Don’t Have Time?

book-1209805_960_720Reading spiritual books is like strolling in a garden; it sows and nurtures good seeds within you. It introduces to new ideas, ideals and spiritual practices, and changes you from within – transforming your attitude slowly and steadily in such a way that you learn to ‘rejoice’ life and celebrate it in all its forms.

Many of us do not dare to pick up a spiritual book because it takes time to read and understand. Well, this is not true if you are a smart reader. Here are a few tips you can use to skim through spiritual books when you are short on time:

Read the Title first

Take ‘Know Thyself’ for example. Simply by reading the title of the book, you get an idea of what the book is all about. This one is about understanding ourselves.

Read the subtitles too. Two of the Gian Kumar’s spiritual books do not have a subtitle but ‘Know Thyself’ has a subhead – ‘Unraveling the Mystery of Mind’. Subtitles are ambiguous at times but mostly they shed some more light on what the book is about. It helps you to get the gist of the book more quickly.

Read the Foreword

Just by reading the Preface or Foreword of spiritual books, you may get a good idea about the genesis, purpose, scope and limitations of the book in your hand.

The publisher’s blurbs (on the dust cover or back of the book) also highlight some of the most eye-catching points raised in the book.

Look at the Table of Contents

The Table of Contents gives you a quick idea of what all spiritual topics and practices the book discusses, and what is the structure of the book.

Read the chapters you find most important first, and read other chapters at your leisure.

How to Skim Through the Book

Read the first and last line of each paragraph to quickly understand the flow of the arguments. If you really want to embrace spirituality, we highly recommend you to make notes of all the important action-points discussed in the book and try them whenever you have time.

In the end, remember, that the spirituality is something that can only be ‘experienced’. So, practice it daily.

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