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Know Best-Hidden Secrets from the Books for Spiritual Meditations

ancient-1807518_960_720Many books for spiritual meditations do contain answers to several questions that have long plagued the mankind but not everyone is able to dig them out. Erwin Schrödinger, who won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1933 and was known for his lifelong interest in Vedanta philosophy of Hinduism, said, “From the early great Upanishads, ‘ATHMAN’ was recognised as ‘BRAHMAN’(which means that the personal self equals the omnipresent, all-comprehending eternal self.)” His statement stemmed from the Advaita philosophy of the Upanishads, which believes that we are one with the Brahmn (or Energy) that pervades through this Universe.

Here are some of the other nuggets of wisdom from some of the most well-known books for spiritual meditations, covered in detail in the book ‘The Ultimate Reality’ by spiritual guru Gian Kumar:

  • The book ‘Zen Flesh, Zen Bones’ by Paul Reps mentions that the art of ‘Centering’ existed in the pre-Zen era. As an addendum to his book Reps translated Vigyan Bhairav Tantra in English for the first time – which mentions 112 meditation methods or tantras or centering techniques.
  • Osho wrote ‘The Book of Secrets’ in which he mentioned that how Tantra is a complete science of self-realization, which is based on the cumulative wisdom of thousands of years. This book is a comprehensive and practical guide to the world of ‘Tantras’, which are powerful and transformative tools to turn around your life in every aspect.
  • Shunyu Suzuki, who introduced the West to the Zen philosophy for the first time, authored a book called ‘Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind’. The book mentions that the meditation technique has to be ‘effortless’. It is based on breathing techniques as taught by Upanishads but we have to reach the stage where we go beyond awareness – to the stage where we are not aware of our breathing anymore.

The essence of Vedanta scriptures on non-duality is ‘Tat tvam asi‘ or ‘Thou art That’. It means that you are One with the formless and the infinite. Separation of God and Individual is just an illusion. The Brahmn – the unified energy that flows through the Universe – is indivisible. It can neither be created nor destroyed. All that we can do is to realize the state of Divinity, which happens once we become enlightened.

We present gist of a number of spiritual and meditation related books in ‘The Ultimate Reality’. We hope you’ll like it.

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