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Know what is Spiritualism and how it can help you

‘Spiritualism aSpiritualitydvocates Oneness of Spirit with the Universe and involves Knowing the Ultimate Truth. This Realization dissolves the self and ego. It merges Mind and Body with the Spirit.’- Gian Kumar

Often people confuse the two words – ‘Spirituality’ and ‘Spiritualism’. But there’s a slight difference between the two:

Spirituality is Theory – It’s the wisdom and teachings that lead you to the inner path and help you discover your Essence.

Spiritualism is Practice – When you actually do the spiritual practices that appeal most to you and follow the path, it is only that you experience and realize the Absolute truth.

‘Knowing it all’ is not enough. You will have to ‘experience and practice’. You just cannot learn about the clutch and gear or the brakes and think you will be able to learn ‘driving’. You will actually have to get inside the car, turn on the ignition key, and drive it – to be a driver. Just as you have to dive into the pool or any river to learn swimming.

Spiritualism is putting all the wisdom to use. If you are a true seeker, you cannot skip over this phase of the spiritual path and hope to be one with your Spirit.

There are 3 basic philosophies spiritualists follow:

Belief in Higher Power but not a Particular God

Spiritualism believes in ‘Divinity’ – what is often referred to as ‘Infinite Intelligence’ or ‘Infinite Spirit’. It does not denounce the existence of God, Saviors, Prophets and Angels. It just says that if and when we try to define God, we are limiting Him according to our field of vision. We miss out on His Infiniteness.

It also says, we need to develop our own relationship with that God and not rely on the intermediaries.

Existence of Spirit is not limited by Life and Death

In Spiritualism, we believe that there is life after death. Yes, spiritualists do believe that your loved ones can contact you even after they die through ‘mediums’. There are just too many instances of contact with spirits of the deceased ones to deny the existence of such a thing.

Once we accept the existence of Spiritual Realm and that we can indeed interact with it, our perspectives change. We start seeing the bigger picture of how the Universe works, the concept of Karma, and how we react to different scenarios in life.

Goodness & Love form the Essence of Humanity

Spiritualism doesn’t believe in Atonement and Repentance – simply because it doesn’t believe in ‘Sins’. However, it does hold you responsible for your ‘Karma’ or Actions – and believes that ‘You Reap What You Sow’.

As you progress spiritually, you will automatically be in touch with the Purity of your Spirit – and Love, Goodness and Kindness will be the only things that will exist for you.

Spiritualism is Experiential Learning on the path of Spirituality and the oneness of who we are.

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