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Knowing Thyself is the Lost Key to Spiritual Empowerment

acrylic-1323646_960_720Spiritual Empowerment may mean many different things to you. For some, it is about having a ‘vision’ or a purpose in life; for others, it might mean the ability to take right decisions at the right time. There are some who believe that spiritual empowerment is about attaining special powers to help them live a more fulfilling and enriched life. Irrespective of what you mean by spiritual empowerment, knowing who you are and what makes you feel motivated, angry or depressed remains a crucial step to attain it.

In his book ‘Know Thyself, Gian Kumar writes that ‘The flow of life is related to the concept that when one is in touch with the energy of one’s self or origin, one’s creative intelligence, character and personality flows out.’ He goes on to elaborate how our energy flows in two directions – one that is limited and illusory and forms our ‘Ego’, and the other which is alive, creative and unlimited and forms our ‘Intuition’. Synchronizing these two forms of energy is the key to find answers to eternal questions like ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What is the purpose of my life?’

It is important to meditate on the fact what you aspire for and what can make you feel truly happy and fulfilled. Once you know this, you will not need support, approval or appreciation from others to feel joyous and peaceful. You would not allow yourself to get distracted or disillusion by impulsive actions. Your motivation to rise above your problems will lie within you. Only when you understand yourself, you begin to regain the controls of your life.

Once we become more observant to the choices we make, we need to be more compassionate and loving for all those who are around us and master the art of giving.

We also need to be more truthful to ourselves. We need to realize that there are three level of reality – one that is illusory (which only seems real but does not exist), second which is relative reality (where we compare ourselves to each other), and the third is absolute reality (which is based solely on facts at present – with no connections to the emotions of the past and fears of the future. We need to remember that it is only third form of reality which we should be looking at – as only the absolute reality is capable of leading us to blissfulness.

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