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Know Thyself

know thyself

Know Thyself

A friendly path to self-discovery and spiritual connect. This e-Book is a divine text. It is written to recognize “the self”. The words used here are a magical mix of science, spiritualism, philosophy, psychology and psychosomatics. This amalgamation has resulted in one simple, and yet complicated, aspect of realizing “the self”.

Gian Kumar, through his spiritual e-book ‘Know Thyself’, has made an effort to provide these answers in the most simplistic manner, so that it is comprehensible to all. Knowing yourself is indeed a very important, as well as most challenging task. When people know and understand clearly who they are, they have a better chance of achieving what they want from life. Knowing your inner self is the key to a successful, happy and fulfilling life.

Man has made several discoveries, yet the discovery of his own self remains an enigma. Several saints and philosophers from times immemorial, have tried to seek and provide answers to these simple questions- Who am I? Who is God? Does God exist? Do we need Him?

The answers to life’s searching questions will put your doubts and insecurities to rest. This e-book has all the ingredients to quench the thirst of knowledge and meaning that has driven you to it.

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