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Know Thyself:
Reviewed by Scott, Online Book Club

“As this is a nonfiction book there is no culminating ending, but I did enjoy how the author wrapped everything together in the end. The author points out the need to read and reread the book to further your understanding of it. I completely agree.The book is a heavy read and needs special care.

The book reiterates throughout the importance of self-realization and being in control of ones self. The example the author gives of the Austrian psychiatrist in the concentration camp reminds me a bit of childbirth. The author states: “His awareness of his power to choose, feel, and decide could not be altered….within himself, how all of this was going to affect him.” I’ve given birth naturally many times and I personally have to go to a higher state of consciousness and almost detach myself from my body to distance myself from the pain. I definitely agree with the author when he says that our society is largely unaware of the power of consciousness. If society would take the author’s opinion regardless of personal beliefs and be more conscious of the world around us and how our actions affect others, we would live in a much better place.”

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