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The Ultimate Reality:
Reviewed by Janet Reeves, Reader Views

“What a concept, acceptance to what is, allows room for change to begin. Surrendering to who we are means accepting the good, and the not so good, about ourselves. That can be quite a task that seems especially more difficult to do on some days. There have been many times earlier in my life when I wondered “how does a person really grow spiritually?” I feel like I have evolved in a spiritual context which is what author Gian Kumar describes in “The Ultimate Reality” as surrendering to who we really are.

This book defines my personal beliefs closely and provides a great explanation of what we are to surrender, and accept, in order to live more peacefully and in harmony with all of creation. Does this sound deep or what? Let me give you a nugget from this book:
“The higher the degree of consciousness, the higher our awakening in self-realization. In simple terms, this means that thoughts will mainly lead us towards self-desires unless spiritualism comes to make us aware of that awareness, as the prime factor to balance this insanity. This sort of alignment between spirit, mind, and body is what spiritualism is all about”

The author gives some really great information about how the mind is designed to work and great examples of how it affects living from the heart. He also brings into this book some scientific findings from quantum physics, and how forward thinking science is becoming where spirituality is concerned. That has not always been the case.
We do know today that the heart has a mind of its own and it sends information to the brain when it comes to love and such important matters, rather than the other way around. The problems that take place when the mind chatters and interferes with judgment’s and so forth, is that it inhibits spiritual growth, or as the author describes, “consciousness /awareness” that needs to be obtained for that growth to take place.

My mind was chattering with all sorts of judgments when I began reading this book. When the mind chatter got to be too loud, I had to reread some of the information multiple times in order to really take it in. The mind really does make judgments about everything all the time. I can relate to this book in such a way that it “just makes good sense” to me. SO I am saying …read “The Ultimate Reality” by Gian Kumar slowly in order to digest its content.”

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