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Spiritual Growth and Development happens by Challenging Yourself

vortex-2150341__340Nothing in Life comes easily. Even a newborn baby has to cry to be breastfed by his mother.

-       Old Indian Saying

You can achieve nothing by doing nothing. To grow spiritually, you have to play an active role as a seeker. You need to dig into the thoughts you have buried deep inside your heart and uncover your real Self, you need to re-question your beliefs and actions, and you have to be ready to challenge yourself to think in a different manner, and do things you haven’t done till now.

If you are ready for the Change, spiritual growth and development is not as complicated as it sounds.

Three steps to spiritual growth and development are:


One of the most important factors of development is to know what resources you have, and what material are you going to work with. When your objective is to grow and nurture your Inner Self, you first need to be aware of your real self – unburdened by social customs, expectations, or responsibilities.

‘Know Thyself’ is an excellent book to help you uncover such truths and use them to carve a better life for yourself.

Awareness of ‘Now’

Remember, the ‘Truth’ as we see it is only relative. If a soldier shoots down an enemy soldier, he might be a ‘hero’ for one country and a ‘terrorist’ for another country. The tea you like may not taste as good to someone else. Hence, the objective truth is only relative.

The ‘Absolute’ Truth is more subjective in nature. You perceive it only when you are aware about it. Though the world keeps changing from moment to moment, there is a constant flow that is ‘continuous’. We need to see every situation in its totality to be able to make better decisions and attain clarity of thoughts, words and deeds.

‘Think from the Heart, Love from the Mind’ is a book on spirituality that discusses this in detail. It helps you achieve the objective of all meditation practices – to be a witness to life rather than becoming its victim. You become the ‘master’ merely by observing life, experiencing it moment-by-moment, and outgrowing it.


It is possible to turn around our lives or start it afresh at any given moment by being mindful of what we are saying and doing. In the book called ‘The Ultimate Reality’, the author explains that awareness about your surroundings can make you more watchful and alert to the opportunities that present themselves.

The book is one of the best resources you will ever find to clarify how to be present in the moment.

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