Spiritual Power The Mask of Absolute

‘What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.’ — Plutarch

In this compact volume, Gian Kumar, a thinker by nature, has delved into the essence of spirituality and its relationship with every aspect of human existence. When we cease to blame destiny for every mishap occurring in our lives and instead seek answers from within, we will be on the path to illumination and awareness.

Gian Kumar has put this wisdom to the test innumerable times in his life. His own struggles strengthened his resolve to fight life’s battles from his inner resources rather than look outward. He shares his insights with us, offering some new revelations each time. He reiterates that spiritualism is purely based on the theory that ‘all that exists is one and not two.’ We are here to experience this oneness, with the realization that we are all interconnected and interrelated and simply cannot exist on our own.

This volume should be used as an advanced guide to help us discover the inner path of spirituality and how to live complete, fulfilling lives.


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