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Thinking from the Heart VS Thinking from the Mind: Which one should you be doing in your life?

Hiker with backpack enjoying valley view from top of a mountainThinking: the talking of the soul with itself

Thinking is an activity that we do on a consistent basis throughout our life. So whether your plans worked out well or you are simply wondering about somebody, you can easily feel the think bubble building on your mind. Our thoughts take us anywhere in the world without the need to move an inch. Thinking is a never ending process but the way we do it makes a great impact on our reality.

Some say that you should follow the heart while the others say that you should follow your brain while thinking. So, which path you must really go to? Thinking from the Heart requires you to shut your logics and follow the instinct to lead your life. Whereas, when you think from the mind, you are likely to take things practically without any place for the emotions. Getting a way out of both thoughts is quite challenging. Let us compare both point of views related to thinking and know which one is the best:

Thinking from the Heart:

Thinking from the heart means that you follow your gut and emotions to conclude on an issue. We all do it at one of the other and it leaves us greatly satisfied as a result. When we think from our heart, our instincts are majorly involved in our decision both for the good and the bad. Things that feels right at that moment is done by you which sometimes appear ambiguous enough. Thinking from the heart should be done by you if you:

  • Are overtly practical and don’t enjoy your life
  • Are unable to enjoy present moments and make most of it
  • Can’t feel your instinct the way you used to

Thinking from the Mind:

Thinking from the mind is a lot more practical choice where you make informed decision eyeing every aspect. This kind of thinking appears challenging enough especially to those who are conditioned to do things as they like. When we think from the mind, you decide things on the basis of logics, current situation, future, availability of resources, and a lot more substantial things. It is an active form of thinking and should be done by you when:

  • Your heart lands you in unnecessary circumstances
  • You are overemotional
  • You take the least time in making a decision

Thinking from the heart or mind is purely a matter of choice but making the right choice is entirely upon you. You must take a note of your current situation and then decide the right thinking pattern for you.

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