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This is the best book on Spirituality I have ever read

chair-1497534_960_720‘Think from the Heart, Love from the Mind’ is the best book on spirituality I have read till now. This splendid work is based on the ancient works of Indian sages known as Vedas, Puranas, and Upanishads. What makes it amazing is the fact that though rooted in these ancient treatises, this spiritual book remains relevant to the present day and age. Every single chapter of this book is pure gold and is applicable to any person’s life – irrespective of his or her financial or social status. I am yet to come across another book on spirituality that is as profound as this one.

Here are the two lessons from the book that I would like to share with you:

What is Reality?

Reality, as we see and experience every day, is subjective. It changes with time. Even the sky and the ocean change from time-to-time. What we see, hear, touch, taste and smell is thus a relative reality – which depends on the perceptions of our sense organs and mind. There is another Reality beyond it – one that is infinite, eternal and imperishable. It is what we call our ‘Consciousness’. It is very subtle and cannot be explained. We can only experience it and once we learn to flow with it, it becomes easier to drop our burdens and be really free.

How to be Spiritual and how to achieve Salvation?

Spiritualism is about activating consciousness, which only happens when we are aware of ‘Now’ – the present moment. Only then, we are able to combine fresh energy and creative intuitiveness with our intelligence and are able to do things that seem extraordinary in this materialistic world.

Normally, our mind interprets our situation on the basis of our past experiences. Hence, we become anxious about things that have harmed us or our loved ones in the past – even if they are not relevant to us anymore. When we learn to be truly aware about us, our thought processes, the totality of the situation in front of us – the way we think, the way we react to things, and the way we perceive situations changes.

We become one with the divine self-residing inside us – and become complete. This is salvation.

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