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What Most Books about Spirituality Fail to Tell You


Many books about spirituality are actually about an organized religion. They confuse ‘being spiritual’ with ‘being religious’. But the truth is that more and more young people today are spiritual but do not like to be affiliated to any religion or faith. They are open to beliefs and experiences that take them beyond their childhood faith to answer the life’s biggest questions.

Here we are going to discuss the key points that are vital to your spiritual journey but are skipped over by some of the most prominent religious books and their books about spirituality:

Master the Power of Words and ‘Silence’. Our intellect controls our thoughts, which get conveyed in the form of spoken words. It is very important to use the right and proper words at the right time. It is better to be silent rather than using harsh words or saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. As one matures spiritually, we tend to become quieter. We start listening more and talking less, learning more and showing off our knowledge less.

God is a Supreme Energy that is in you and all around you. Any other definition of God is just our imagination. That is why, our divine experiences are all limited by our religion, culture, caste and creed. It is only when we realize that the infinite and unlimited energy within us is the real ‘God’, we start experiencing peaceful and happy all the time.

Love leads to our downfall- only when it is linked to our sensory perceptions, emotions, and expectations. Love is God when it springs naturally – one which is undeterred by external influences or demands, and one that is free of expectations and only seeks to give without wanting anything in return. It is this kind of love that makes you feel truly fulfilled.

It is important to love and respect yourself. Until we accept ourselves as we are and start loving ourselves, we cannot possibly love others. Our thoughts keep vacillating from time to time. It is only our ‘awareness’ that remains constant, observes us, and corrects us whenever we stray from our path.
Once you realize that all that is happening around you is related to your emotional energy level, your whims and fancies – you break free from the cycle of joys and sorrows, pleasures and pains. You become one with God.

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