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Why Are Seekers So Crazy About These Spiritual Books Online?

book-1362173_960_720The three best-selling spiritual books online these days are – Know Thyself; Think from the Heart, Love from the Mind; and The Ultimate Reality. There is a reason why these books on spirituality are so famous. The author of these spiritual books is a practical, well-grounded person who dwells less on ‘his experiences’ and more on ‘what you can experience’.

Here is why spiritual seekers love these books so much:

Many Ann has been an avid reader of various spiritual books online and offline. When we asked her which books she liked best, she said, “I recommend ‘Know Thyself’ and the other two books in the series as best spiritual books online because they answer some of the most mystical questions of all times. Some of the things I learnt from them were how to obtain balance in life, find what I really care about in life, and how to use the power of words and the power of subconscious.”

As a spiritual seeker off-and-on for last 15 years, John Hassinger says, “Spiritual books by Gian Kumar are simple and logical. When you read them one after the other – in the right order – they serve as a map and a guide to navigate the various spiritual paths easily. The greatest gift of the author is his practicality which helps him define and explain most complicated spiritual concepts in a manner that make them easily understandable. These books help us expand our horizons and reach a new level of mindfulness.”

Charu Bhargava says that she gravitated towards spirituality because boredom had descended on her like a fog and was making it hard for her see life clearly. She was clear-headed enough to understand that she was going into depression. At such a time, she found the book ‘The Ultimate Reality‘. She shares her experience with the book, “The chapter headings tugged at my heart. I read the third chapter ‘The Lonely Self’ first – as this was what I was feeling at the time. It explains how the basis of reality is different from our limited perceptions and how everything is related to each other. The book delves into science and logic to explain philosophy which is quite a refreshing change. Later, I read other two books of the series too.”

Spirituality means different things to different people. Best books on spirituality are the ones that help you find your own path. Contact us at to discuss more about spirituality.

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