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Gian Kumar was born into a traditional Hindu family, in Burma (present-day Myanmar). From childhood, his life held paradoxes which he struggled to understand. While he was educated at a Christian boarding school which observed strict religious practices, these were diametrically opposed to the Hindu traditions and customs which were the norm when he went home for the holidays. A thinker by nature, the inherent confusion and dogmas underlying religion, gradually impelled him towards spirituality. Today, he is deeply grateful for a journey filled with opportunities to learn about existential riddles such as: Who am I? What is my purpose in Life? Is God an illusion? Gian hopes to share his own experiential learnings with others through the medium of his books. Gian lives with his family in New Delhi.

Tap the spiritual power within you

What is spiritual power? It is just the universal life force that circulates in everything living or non -living. Right from the tiny atom to the mighty mountains everything is spiritual energy. When you indulge in practices like meditation in the proper manner then you are able to tap into this energy and you can enhance your spiritual health.

Why spiritual health is important?

Spiritual health is the basis of all the faculties of the human mind body and soul. If you maintain good spiritual health then you will create inside yourself a power that will make you feel as if you are plugged into the never exhausting spiritual power that flows in the universe. This in turn gives you the power to accomplish the tasks and responsibilities of life in a proper manner.
On the other hand the enhancement of spiritual energy in you and the resulting positive spiritual health will ensure that you remain in a positive state of mind, body and soul. Some people make the mistake of thinking that spiritual energy is something like white or black magic, but this is far from the truth.
Of course white magic can be generated by the enhancement of the positive universal energy in your body and aura. This in turn will ensure that whatever task they under take they will excel in it. This is because good spiritual health helps in maintaining the balance between the mind and body. This in turn enhances the performance of the individual whether it is in the professional field or in personal relationships.
This is because people who have a lot of spiritual energy flowing in their beings will have more energy to work on any level. As far as the professional field is concerned they will have more IQ and EQ. This is because of the balance of energy due to which they don’t get mental or physical fatigue. They also are better at analyzing and executing complex tasks in any field like engineering, literature, art or any field that you may name.

How to enhance your spiritual power?

As mentioned above the spiritual power and energy is omnipresent. This in turn means that it is also present in your mind, body and soul. All the spiritual practices that you perform to enhance your spiritual power are simply a method to synchronize and bring out the spiritual power that is already present in you. These spiritual practices will not only stop the draining of your spiritual energy and instead will ensure that your energy levels remain high all the time.
Here you need to bear in mind that there are many charlatans who will make you believe that by giving them money and other goodies you will somehow attain very high spiritual energy. Of course there are genuine gurus who will help you with different forms of exercises and meditations. But these are rare and it is difficult to recognize them.
This is where you can take the help of spiritual books. These books will themselves provide guidance regarding increasing your spiritual power. They can also help you to understand the real gurus and saints. By following the guidance of these saints you will attain a lot of spiritual energy.
Even if you do not want to follow a guru then you can take help of spiritual books. These books will enhance your knowledge about spirituality and they will also help you in understand how the divine spiritual power of the cosmos works on you and how you can benefit the most by tapping into this spiritual energy.
As mentioned above the universal spiritual power is omnipresent and it is within you also. The reason why this power becomes low in your body and aura is due to the influence of negative thoughts, negative experiences which others may have forced you to believe in. then again stress, loneliness and other lifestyle factors also cause the spiritual energy to deplete in your body and mind. Hence you should stay away from these negative factors and indulge in spiritual power enhancing exercises and practices like meditation.
If you make sure that your spiritual health is in good condition then you can be successful in all the positive endeavors that you undertake. So tap the spiritual energy within you to become happy, healthy and successful in all areas of your life.
Invent the spiritual leader with in yourself through spiritual meditation and enlight your soul with supreme power

Science and spirituality are compatible

Carl Sagan, the well-known Cosmologist said, “Science is not only compatible with spirituality, but it is also a profound source of spirituality.” Spirituality professes that the universe and mankind are in a constant state of flux and evolution. The more Science advances, the clearer it is especially now that everything is constantly in motion; nothing is stable. New discoveries are being made every day.

Why should i believe in God? Do we really need Him?

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