What is Self-Knowledge?

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Everyone wishes to know, “Who Am I?” It is a very complex question because the body, mind, and soul comprise the quantity of what you are. Since you can observe, read, and know all three, and more so because you consider all the three-element as yours, you are more than the said three as one unit. Body as […]

What is Spiritualism?

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After years of researching, speaking, and writing about this subject, I have realized very few are well-versed in the boundlessness, formlessness, nothingness, spaceless, timelessness, eternal and infinite, which is the subject of Spiritualism propounds. The fact remains nobody seems to care about the role it plays in our personal life, in spite of being told […]

Silence To Stillness

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Hundreds of times, I’ve talked about spiritualism, never mentioning religion or self-help factors like motivational, psychological, or inspirational. Pure spiritualism has always been my forte: spirit, spiritual, spirituality, and spiritualism, and how to become spiritual. Today I shall discuss how to quieten, still, or silence your mind or, in another way, silence the mind for […]

What is Self-Awareness?

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Self-exploration, self-discovery, and self-knowledge are central to spiritualism. Once you comprehend the meaning of what is the self, you have reached the pinnacle of all knowledge. It divides the Self into four categories: physical, mental, objective, and subjective. It implies being aware of one’s body, mind, soul and spirit. As well as one’s interconnectedness with […]

Where Do Our Thoughts Come From?

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In an earlier video, I had spoken about what thoughts are, and today I would like to answer a difficult question: where do our thoughts emerge from? Neither science nor spiritualism is comfortable in answering this question because, on one side, we have philosophers, ancient sages, who proclaimed that we are nothing but a bundle […]

Self Realization

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Self-Realization is to experience the truth of who and what we are beyond the body and mind. It is that self-awareness in self-knowledge to experience and realize the self. Since we know and claim that the body and mind are ours to use and not be used by it, it indicates we are beyond the […]

Sakshi Yoga

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The tool of becoming a Sakshi—a witness—is one of the most effective tools you may take from yoga philosophy. Sakshi Yoga is an ancient way of witnessing one’s mind and slowly transcending it. The ability to read your thoughts, feelings, and motives, neither identifying nor responding from the mind. It enables the mind to come directly […]

Dharma to Karma

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Both ‘Karma’ and ‘Dharma’ are Sanskrit terms inherited from Vedic philosophy, India’s most incredible wisdom in the field of spiritualism dating back over 5,000 years. According to that concept, ‘karma’ is a path of activity in thoughts, words, motives, and acts, implying that cause equals effect, action equals response, and opposites are equal as one […]

Beyond Love & Hate

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Love and hate are two prime emotions that humans feel. How do we go beyond love and hate? Let’s start with the fundamentals. According to our ancient scriptures, all that exists in the nothingness of our universe is Brahman. Science explains the same in the Law of Conservation of Energy ¾ all that exists is […]