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15 Influential Spiritual Authors : Achieve Spiritual Enlightenment to Transform Your Life

We'll look at the well-known Indian spiritual leaders in this post. To learn lesser-known information, readers should read the article till the end. Everyone aspires to lead a successful, healthy, and tranquil life. The struggle to overcome worldly suffering and the quest for joy results in the destruction of priceless human life. Some people experience happiness…


What Is The Purpose Of Life?

We are part and parcel of the universal source, a spiritual being going through a human experience. The purpose of this source is to experience the dualities of life, experiencing the material and spiritual uniquely through every being. Hence our basic purpose in life is to balance these two so that we have the best…


What is Self-Knowledge?

Everyone wishes to know, “Who Am I?” It is a very complex question because the body, mind and soul comprise the quantity of what you are. Since you can observe, read and know all three, and more so because you consider all the three-element as yours, you are more than the said three as one…


What is Spiritualism?

After years of researching, speaking, and writing about this subject, I have realised very few are well-versed in the boundlessness, formlessness, nothingness, spaceless, timelessness, eternal and infinite, which is the subject of Spiritualism propounds. The fact remains nobody seems to care about the role it plays in our personal life, in spite of being told…


Silence to Stillness

Hundreds of times, I've talked about spiritualism, never mentioning religion or self-help factors like motivational, psychological, or inspirational. Pure spiritualism has always been my forte: spirit, spiritual, spirituality, and spiritualism, and how to become spiritual. Today I shall discuss how to quieten, still or silence your mind or, in another way, silence the mind for…


What Is Life? (Life Series Part – 1)

We believe that humans are fortunate to be born as human beings, the only living animals capable of being aware and conscious of the outer world and their own' beingness.' However, whether affluent or poor, we are also those unfortunate animals continually whining and perpetually dissatisfied. In our life, there is a perpetual sense of…