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Spiritual Author

Why knowing the purpose of the life is required? – Taught by the best spiritual author:

When was the last time when we sit with ourselves? We observed the pattern of our life? Have we asked this question to ourselves that what the purpose of life is? Do we keep living the living the life without knowing its meaning and its purpose? (spiritual author)The daily activities of our life keep us so indulged that we even don’t know about the purpose of our existence.

Spiritual Author

Spiritual Author

The self-realization and purpose of life is a mystery. Sometimes, the whole life ends while finding the answers. There are so many materialistic things that fulfill our needs. To earn these things are generally considers the purpose of the life to live the life in a better way. When we are young, our motive is to study, have ambitions and dreams, fun with friend. When we cross the age after 20, we become focused towards our careers, earn money, settling in life, planning to buy house, car etc.  Once we reach at 40, our life surrounds with our family, to keep our family happy is our prime goal that we set.

Hence, the goal of the life keeps changing with the age and the phase in the life. It gets updated with the external factors, the challenges we encounter with and the situations. Our personalities keep revolving time by time. From birth to death there are so many roles we play and so many responsibility we take care of. Hence, the meaning and the purpose of the life gets an update every time.

Objective of self-realization:

Then, there is one question arises, is this really worth it? What is the best way to lead the life? What is the ultimate goal of the life? How we can practice self-realization and understand the life and its meaning. Then there is the thing “Spirituality” comes in the picture. The purpose of life is well elaborated by the spiritual practices.
Spirituality helps in attaining self-awareness, self-realization and self-knowledge. The purpose of the life is pretty much different from the materialistic things, inconsistent goals and external factor. The purpose driven life has its own significance.

Everyone has defined the purpose of life in their own words. Few of the observations are:

I believe that the very purpose of life is to be happy. From the very core of our being, we desire contentment. In my own limited experience I have found that the more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of well-being.

Cultivating a close, warmhearted feeling for others automatically puts the mind at ease. It helps remove whatever fears or insecurities we may have and gives us the strength to cope with any obstacles we encounter. It is the principal source of success in life. Since we are not solely material creatures, it is a mistake to place all our hopes for happiness on external development alone. The key is to develop inner peace.” – Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso

The best Spiritual author – Mr. Gian Kumar

The best Spiritual author, Mr. Gian Kumar wrote in one of his the best spiritual book, “Life is nothing but an experience to realize the paradoxical nature of existence. Subjectively, if we wish to know its purpose, there is only one; we should try to retain its Spiritual Presence as far as possible in its absoluteness, not allowing thoughts to separate everything into fragments. If we look within, we shall discover the spirit demanding a boundless unity. Objectively, yes, a strong meaning is definitely there, differing from one person to another; some would want to create an empire mainly to satisfy their desires. In both cases nature has provided us with a mind, where we become the sole creator of our inner and outer worlds, either finding in balance or in extremities.”

Spiritual Power: the best spiritual book

Spirituality teaches us that how we need to analyze experience and explore our own individuality rather than a personality based upon the external factors. Most people spend 80% of lives longing for materialistic things, luxuries and pleasures for physical comfort. These desires don’t let people in the present. We keep worry about the future and the past. We need to focus on our present as well.

After practicing the spirituality for years, the best spiritual author, Mr. Gian Kumar has stated that, “The first and foremost requisite in Spiritualism is that no knowledge is complete unless experienced. Spiritualism declares to what science agrees today, all the exists in this Universe is spirit or energy, which may change in form, but remains constant and can neither be created nor destroyed.

There are several things that we learn from the experiencing and the spirituality is one of them. It teaches to lead a purpose drive life that is not impacted with any external factors.

Spiritual Books

Reality of life

Live the fullest and accept what comes and expect nothing. These are the lessons (Spiritual Books) that we hear when it comes to lead a happy life. We often talk about living life full of joy, but uncertainties of life do not let us do so.

Spiritual Books

Sometimes the flow of life is not linear, there are many ups and downs. We tend to react in these situations in different ways. Life has a deeper meaning for everyone. We explore, live and learn from it. Often, we try to control the situations and oppose reality. And when things are beyond control, the mess happens.

Value of Spirituality Spiritual Books

There the “Spirituality” comes, which teaches the actual flow of life. Gian Kumar, the best spiritual writers wrote in one of his the best spiritual books, “When we become angry, frustrated or upset, we should just take a deep breath to calm ourselves. We will then enter the presence of ‘the now’ and will be in a better position to tackle any unfavorable situation. Spirituality means that to stop clinging to what we are attached and withdraw from it, in order not to obstruct the flow of life. Non-attachment is the ultimate antidote to all our sufferings.”

Being & Becoming Spiritual Books

His Spiritual books are the source of awakenings of life, spiritual power and the objective of living life. In order to live life with focus, acceptance is something that keeps you calm and composed. Controlling and opposing the flow of life makes your behavior rigid. Spirituality is an art and we must learn it; you can lead your life easily.

In life, it is very important to find the ultimate goal, to work on it and to face all the obstacles that come in between. This ultimate goal does not consist of the money, illusions or the external factors that give temporary happiness; it is all about mental peace, the ultimate goal of the cycle of life. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to look at life beyond the possibilities, to analyze the capabilities.

All the sufferings, disappointments and pain come from the attachment. Attachment can be in any form, be it with a materialistic or with temporary happiness, the result of this attachment is the worse. But when we are neutral in every situation, we enjoy every moment of life, life becomes meaningful.

Meaning of Life Spiritual Books

The generation of the digital era has been witness of severe ups and downs, people move in their life very faster in order to achieve money, success, name and fame. They often forget that these things bring temporary happiness and if they don’t get these, they become the victim of self-pity, depression, and sadness. In today’s era, to have the Best spiritual author, Mr. Gian Kumar who helps to direct the way of the people with his best spiritual books is a beautiful gift. This is the best way to get the essence of life without losing your own personality.

Spiritual Books – Gian Kumar

As the famous saying by Lao Tzu says, “Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize that there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”

To practice Spirituality, you need the courage to be calm and let the life flow in its own beautiful way. When we use force to make things happened or resist the natural flow of life, the charm of life gets vanished.  We should use our consciousness to awaken our minds and calm our hearts. The perfect balance of the heart and mind results in the most peaceful life ahead.

best Spiritual Books

We often believe that the motive of life is to be happy. Being happy is that state that we all crave for and try for. But are we happy all the time? I don’t think so we are! A coin has two sides so does life.  What happens when we are sad? ( best spiritual books) How do we manage the phase when sadness knocks the gate of our happy shelter?

Do we still hope for better or let ourselves flow with sadness? How sadness impacts our strength and weakness?  Or shall I say, when we are happy, how does it reflect on our actual personality?

I believe we are at the best of our personality when we are happy and all the decisions we take under this happy phase are totally different from the decisions we make while we are sad. In a nutshell, we possess two kinds of personalities under the influence of our emotions.

Best Spiritual Books - Gian kumar

Osho depicts

As the famous saying from Osho depicts, “Sadness gives depth, Happiness gives heights. Sadness gives roots, Happiness gives branches.” Why do we assume the sadness as a sickness to be healed and happiness as a gift of life? Aren’t these two parts of life? Why these factors in our life affect us so much?


There the significance of the term “Balance” comes to the picture and is required to be adapted (Best Spiritual Books). Life gives us both happiness and sadness; we have to accept both respect and grace, experiencing and realizing both with awareness. If one is present, the other is not too far; the effort should be remained in the middle and become receptive to both. This art of balancing any two polarities is the secret of life. This art is the most important thing to learn and live life. It teaches us to be calm and composed in all situations and to accept whatever it comes.

Spiritual Power – Being & Becoming

The book “Spiritual Power – Being & Becoming” (Best Spiritual Books) has so many lessons that indulge its reader and leads to the path of spirituality. It says, “We don’t need to run after balance; we just need to be aware and conscious. The moment when we start to think about how to balance ourselves in life, the rest will follow. There is no extra effort to be made; all that is required is to allocate our potentialities and self-manage in accordance with our priority. The art of life is to experimentally balance our mind, body, and spirit in the right manner. The process starts when our thoughts inwardly create a strong relationship with our own mind and body.”

The spirituality teaches about mental, emotional and physical trauma and spiritual healing, uniting mind and body, understanding the meaning and purpose of life and to balance the ups-downs of life. Not just it tells about the power of spirituality in our life, but also, it guides how to attain the levels of spirituality.
Spirituality helps in balancing the mind, body, and soul so that the balance between all the aspects of life such as sadness, happiness, emotional trauma and worries. It tells us to remain the same in the entire situation and re-construct the energy to focus on life. This helps to build our consciousness with our thoughts. The uniformity in our thoughts and calmness in our personality improves our lifestyle and gives mental peace in all kinds of scenarios.

Gian Kumar

Mr. Gian Kumar (Best Spiritual author), the spiritual author has penned down his thoughts and experiences very beautifully that summarize the secret of living a healthy life. In his books (Spiritual Books), he has talked about the balance, awakening of the souls, the meaning of life and death, the search of ourselves and the importance of self-realization. This starts with the practice of balancing our thoughts in all possible situations. To balance out our thoughts, actions and emotions in the pain, joy, excitement, and worries keeps our soul calm and managed. Spiritual empowerment provides us that access to a journey within ourselves in search of the ultimate reality and its truth. However, the most crucial factor in this aspect of awareness is that it empowers us to become aware of our own thoughts, feelings, and actions.