Life… A Paradox

A paradox is a statement or proposition that seems self- contradictory, yet true.

We live in a world of paradoxes, where things are seldom what they seem. This occurs in most aspects of our lives, since our existence is dependent on dualities in opposites. In order to define or understand anything, we have to rely on its opposite, and relate it to something meaningful. So what is real or good for one may be unreal and bad for the other. Life would have little meaning without experiencing both. The cycle of birth and death itself is a paradox; where death is not the end, but beginning of a new cycle of life. This is where paradoxes come in confusing and making us imbalanced and inadequate.

We as humans have been blessed with the power of choice. This blessing is also a curse, because choice creates conflicts. Material life makes us choose between any two duals, discriminate through our intellect all that will provide comfort and security in self-interest. Hoping this will give us everlasting health, wealth and comforts. In fact the more you have, higher the insecurity.

Do not try to always differentiate between what is good or bad, beautiful or ugly, but think of them as one, just as nature has meant them to be. Then you are in unison with nature; you will have a balance of both – material as well as spiritual.

In this concrete world of ours, with a life full of egocentric minds, we need to be aware and conscious, otherwise we are bound to deplete our energies, becoming mentally and physically weak. Spirituality guides us that even if you have to eventually decay, live a complete life where there is capital, comfort, contentment and compassion. Do not be indifferent to any; all are required for that fulfillment so long as you exist. You may not realize the equilibrium of oneness in the absolute, but centering towards that direction shall bring you joy in peace.

As Plato, the great Greek Philosopher said, “I am the wisest man alive for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.”

Throughout life we are seeking happiness in some form or another; narrowing down selfishly to only being happy when you get what you want, otherwise not. Existentially, happiness is not an activity that you may seek; it is your basic nature. The more you pursue, higher will be the agitation, anxiety and apprehension. If you cannot be happy just as you are, you will never be happy. The paradox arises because we presume that both dual characters exist as two, in reality it is the absence of one, which creates the presence of the other. Meaning it is in the absence of happiness that sadness appears; both are in fact one in their absolute nature.

The road to inner freedom is not in words; they are essentially dual. Your true nature is in the presence of your being, awareness from one moment to the next. It is always free, being the infinite timeless and formless spirit.

Excerpts from “Spiritual Power–Being and Becoming”

| by Gian Kumar
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