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Reality of life

Live the fullest and accept what comes and expect nothing. These are the lessons (Spiritual Books) that we hear when it comes to lead a happy life. We often talk about living life full of joy, but uncertainties of life do not let us do so.

Sometimes the flow of life is not linear, there are many ups and downs. We tend to react in these situations in different ways. Life has a deeper meaning for everyone. We explore, live and learn from it. Often, we try to control the situations and oppose reality. And when things are beyond control, the mess happens.

Value of Spirituality Spiritual Books

There the “Spirituality” comes, which teaches the actual flow of life. Gian Kumar, the best spiritual writers wrote in one of his the best spiritual books, “When we become angry, frustrated or upset, we should just take a deep breath to calm ourselves. We will then enter the presence of ‘the now’ and will be in a better position to tackle any unfavorable situation. Spirituality means that to stop clinging to what we are attached and withdraw from it, in order not to obstruct the flow of life. Non-attachment is the ultimate antidote to all our sufferings.”

Being & Becoming Spiritual Books

His Spiritual books are the source of awakenings of life, spiritual power and the objective of living life. In order to live life with focus, acceptance is something that keeps you calm and composed. Controlling and opposing the flow of life makes your behavior rigid. Spirituality is an art and we must learn it; you can lead your life easily.

In life, it is very important to find the ultimate goal, to work on it and to face all the obstacles that come in between. This ultimate goal does not consist of the money, illusions or the external factors that give temporary happiness; it is all about mental peace, the ultimate goal of the cycle of life. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to look at life beyond the possibilities, to analyze the capabilities.

All the sufferings, disappointments and pain come from the attachment. Attachment can be in any form, be it with a materialistic or with temporary happiness, the result of this attachment is the worse. But when we are neutral in every situation, we enjoy every moment of life, life becomes meaningful.

Meaning of Life Spiritual Books

The generation of the digital era has been witness of severe ups and downs, people move in their life very faster in order to achieve money, success, name and fame. They often forget that these things bring temporary happiness and if they don’t get these, they become the victim of self-pity, depression, and sadness. In today’s era, to have the Best spiritual author, Mr. Gian Kumar who helps to direct the way of the people with his best spiritual books is a beautiful gift. This is the best way to get the essence of life without losing your own personality.

Spiritual Books – Gian Kumar

As the famous saying by Lao Tzu says, “Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize that there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”

To practice Spirituality, you need the courage to be calm and let the life flow in its own beautiful way. When we use force to make things happened or resist the natural flow of life, the charm of life gets vanished.  We should use our consciousness to awaken our minds and calm our hearts. The perfect balance of the heart and mind results in the most peaceful life ahead.

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