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Spiritual meditation – What it is and how to practice it?

Spiritual meditation – Your real path for overal growth?

Spiritual meditation is a part of the practice of many religious practices across the world. Of course some people use it for relaxation and reduction of stress, some use it to clear their mind and thought process. But in fact spiritual meditation in the older times was used to create a deep connection to something greater than themselves. Most people have elaborated the benefits like physical and mental relaxation, but few have studied the spiritual practice. However in the new age times many people have explored theirspiritual health also and have come up with amazing findings.

What exactly spiritual meditation is?

In many traditions since the ancient times spiritual meditation is used to connect to the divine supreme powers. There are hundreds of different forms of meditation and they cannot be explained in a short article like this. However, let us look at the basic names and practices of some of these meditations.
• Hindus meditate, by chanting with the help of a rosary which they call a mala, they also meditate with mantras
• The Jewish Kabbalistic Practice
• Sufi Dhikr or remembrance of god.
• Metta meditation which is essentially loving kindness in Buddhism
• The Theravada Buddhists practice marananussatiBhavna
• Zen meditation in Zen Buddhism
• The state of trance attained during Shamanistiic traditions
• Christian contemplative prayer
There are many other methods of spiritual meditation which help you different states of the heart and mind, but their main goal is to attainthe connection with the divine power, the Universal energy, God and other names that people give to their aim of spiritual meditation.
As mentioned above the aim of spiritual meditation of any genre is to attain a deeper connection with the divine or even yourself. However, experts say that you should never force yourself and continuous practice. In fact, in any kind of meditation the harder you try to attain the connection with the divine the more difficult is will be to do so. The idea of all schools of meditation say that the spiritual meditation is a light concentration which helps you to focus your mind and heart in such a way that they attain deeper connection.
Spiritual meditation is a highly individualistic practice and the experience is unique for everyone. This is the reason why most spiritual practices ask you not to share your experience during meditation and you should also not listen to the experience of other people because this can cause comparison and you may develop unrealistic expectation from your own practice.
Spiritual and other benefits of meditation
According to the experience of many people who practice spiritual meditation, the common experiences are:
• A balanced sense of being
• Less reactivity
• Inner stillness and peace
• There is a sense of inner bliss that is not dependent on outer circumstances
• A strong and authentic sense of your being on the level of your soul
• Much less unhealthy stress
• Increase in creative thinking
• A strong sense of belonging
• Clarity of your purpose in life
• Much higher self-esteem, trusting and accepting yourself
Regular practice of spiritual meditation will encourage you to do things with a goal in mind. In fact if you meditate regularly, you will understand what your physical and emotional requirements are.

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