Ëgo is the immediate dictate of human consciousness.”- Max Planck

Ego – the material self, can be a friend or foe, the choice is yours. It is that image of your own identity, which you flaunt around to the world. Life demands the realm of both material and spiritual; one cannot exist without the other. It is only after material realization that the turn for the spiritual soul emerges and transcends to transform into a higher consciousness. Soul and the ego are basically ideas or concepts signifying the first as the real self and the other to be false. Both are in fact one and the same; ego exists in the initial stage when you are identified and attached to your material self.

The soul is that witnessing self, which guides you all the way with the presence of awareness. It is abstract and mystical, hence the word spirit. Both ego and soul are not physical entities and cannot be measured; the absolute energy of consciousness is separated on one end by ego and on another by the soul. Both have their own relevance, since one needs to evolve from ego-consciousness to that of divine. Ego is a dynamic energy, which drives us into material progress; however, when it gets into your head with vanity it becomes detrimental.

Ego may become the source of all our sufferings but we cannot deny, ultimately it is our ‘I am-ness’ emerging out of the same consciousness from the level of awareness, which determines who and what we are. Without ego, the need for spiritual empowerment would not be there. One should never underestimate the power of our psychic energy, where the absolute energy has been separated into one end by ego and another as the spiritual divine. Obsession of one will lead into deprivation of the other, either in your material or spiritual development. In fact, there is no good or bad; it is only our mind and the choices we make in separation that makes it so.

In the mature stage, the ego mind expands in its consciousness as and when realizing its obligation towards the community as a whole. In that oneness, soul matures and understands the concept of the Absolute, which declares “I Am THAT” and the something disappears.

However the basic purpose of my body and mind tells me, I have to grow out of this roller coaster ride of success & failure, happiness & sadness. I need to be humane and serve mankind in which there is happiness for one and all, that in itself is experiencing and realizing God. Awareness within tells me these are nothing but two sides of the same coin, inherent and intrinsic to one another. Buddha, Jesus or Lord Krishna were neither religious nor rigid; they illumined because of their strong individuality. They stood up as rebels supporting their own   thoughts and humaneness, in the midst of those who were weak, dependent and conditioned.  They are revered by humanity even to this day.



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