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Think From The Heart Love From The Mind

Thinking from the heart

think from the heart love from the mind

Thinking from the heart, absurd as it may seem, is an experience we all need to go through. Thinking and creating from the heart will only make you unite and embrace with emotion, without any illusions, doubts, analysis, ego or judgment.

It is higher than logic or reason and will enunciate the mind to transcend beyond its thought processes. Meaning, if we separate the heart from the mind, or allow one to rule, it is bound to oppose the other, leading to pain and conflict. Imagine how constricted our thoughts would be, if the heart was not there to loosen them and bring flexibility.

Mind, on the other hand, is mischievous; it not only wishes to dictate to the heart, but tortures and rules our life. We become lonely in our minds with thoughts of self – I, me and mine. The mind controls when we should be happy or sad; it even orders the heart, how and when to express or suppress our emotions. Both cannot be left on their own, say heart on its own will only fantasize into emotions, hopes and dreams.

To counter, and bring them back into oneness or totality, we need to learn the art of being in the awareness of now, through intuition and impulses, beyond thoughts. It is the amalgamation of the two, which leads us back to our source, the oneness in which we are born to live. This spiritual book will reveal to you, not only how to love and think, with heart and mind togetherness, but also to go beyond these two into the realm of oneness, awareness and infinity. These eternal questions are addressed in the spiritual e-book with compassion and depth of knowledge. One can only take away positives from this spiritual e-book to lead a more meaningful and significant life. After all, life is the greatest gift!

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