Journey of Self-Discovery

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Dr. Gian Kumar, Ph.D

As a Spiritual author, Dr. Gian Kumar, Ph.D., has delved deep into the complexities of life and religion through his journey. Born in Burma to a religious Hindu family, Dr. Gian’s upbringing was a blend of contrasting religious practices – Hindu traditions at home and strict Christian practices at boarding school. This early exposure to a variety of beliefs sparked a curiosity in Dr. Gian, leading him to question the dogmas of religion and ultimately, steer him toward spirituality.

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Best Spiritual Author

Dr. Gian’s quest for self-discovery and inner peace resulted in the writing of his bestselling books, including his latest, “The Third Eye: Awakening Your True Self”. Through his books, Dr. Gian aims to share the wisdom and insights gained through his journey and provide readers with the tools and techniques to embark on their spiritual journey.

Dr. Gian’s unique perspective, shaped by his diverse upbringing and experiences, has led him to realize that true fulfillment and contentment cannot be found in material possessions or societal conventions. Instead, he encourages readers to look within and connect with their true selves, through spirituality.

Intending to create a more conscious, loving, and harmonious world, Dr. Gian’s work focuses on the integration of spiritual practices into daily life. His writing is a blend of personal stories, practical techniques, and teachings from various spiritual traditions.

Through his books, Dr. Gian hopes to impart the valuable lessons he has learned on his spiritual journey and guide others toward a path of self-discovery!


Uncovering the Power of the Spirit: Dr. Gian Kumar’s Exploration of the Vedas and the Self

Dr. Gian Kumar, a renowned Spiritual author, embarked on a personal journey to discover the truth about life and the self. Driven by a sense of emptiness and loneliness despite his material wealth and success, he set out on his quest alone. Through years of in-depth study and research, Dr. Kumar delved into the ancient texts of the Vedas, finding comfort in their philosophical teachings and scientific approach. This led him to uncover the meaning and purpose of our existence and the power of the spirit. Dr. Kumar’s knowledge and understanding, though still evolving, are now shared with the world in the hopes of inspiring others to embark on their journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

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Transcribing Truth: Dr. Gian Kumar’s Process of Crafting His Spiritual Literature.

Dr. Gian Kumar, a Spiritual author, delves into the timeless wisdom of the Vedas in his works. He explores the ancient teachings from a rational and scientific perspective, shedding light on the path to transcendence and self-realization. Dr. Kumar’s understanding of the Vedanta philosophy emphasizes that true reality is not the transient world we perceive, but a changeless and ultimate reality that lies beyond. He guides readers on how to differentiate between the apparent reality, which is temporary and unique to each individual, and the ultimate reality, which is the true and unchanging essence of all things. Through his books, Dr. Kumar invites readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth, illuminating the path to a supreme and limitless reality.