Science of Happiness


Happiness is a complex emotional state characterized by contentment, joy, satisfaction, and well-being. Although we describe it as an enjoyable experience, it can also involve a sense of purpose and fulfillment in life.

While relationships, accomplishments, and material possessions can affect happiness, internal factors such as positivity, productivity, mindset, and spiritual factors also play a significant role. Some people seek happiness in major events or achievements, while others find joy in everyday life’s small pleasures and moments. Additionally, happiness is a highly subjective and individual experience, so what brings happiness to one person may not get to another.

Now, let’s get down to brass tacks. Happiness is not to seek from outside but to live. It is a state of mind within, and we need to cultivate that by shifting our attention to making inner choices for our well-being where there is a feeling of meaning and purpose in life rather than always running after comfort and joy. Psychologists and researchers are now exploring different kinds of happiness with calmness, contentment, clarity, balance, peace of mind, and harmony in all our emotions. It provides action-oriented satisfaction rather than pursuing results—a life of inner and outer richness with health, wealth, wisdom, stability, and tranquility.

After breaking the ego, true happiness is attained by pursuing spiritual satisfaction, raising our consciousness to higher levels, and transcending the very mind, which constantly desires happiness from outer sources. It becomes essential for us to differentiate between our needs and wants. Our needs are few, but our wants are endless. Through contentment, you realize true happiness in a life with moderation.


Happiness is secured by simple living and high thinking, exercising self-control, spending money with caution, and aspiring to earn more. When you look for joy holistically, you learn the art of self-introspection, being selfless rather than being selfish, and relinquishing judgmental reactions, jealousy, contempt, anger, and many other negative traits.

Happiness permeates every moment of the present; embrace it regardless of circumstances. You do not attain happiness through material acquisitions; instead, it reflects your essence, a measure of your growth, and the sensation of your evolving self. A wise individual doesn’t fixate solely on the future for eventual bliss. Opt to cultivate happiness in the present rather than postponing it for later. Smiling during favorable times is easy, yet true strength lies in maintaining composure amidst challenges. Recognize that happiness originates from within; safeguard it against external influences. Turning inward and nurturing this connection will heighten your awareness and help becoming more vigilant and adept at shaping your reality.

In today’s world, many of us find satisfaction in being dissatisfied. Society’s essence often revolves around the notion that having more equates to having less, leading to a paradox where abundance can still leave us feeling empty. Yet, the enduring truth remains that genuine happiness stems from inner tranquility, not from accumulating possessions or achievements. As someone said, “Nothing is sufficient for the person who finds sufficiency too little.” Since necessities drive the mind, the pleasure derived from external stimuli is short-lived. Therefore, we can find accurate and lasting contentment by looking inward and focusing on the things that bring us genuine fulfillment and peace. Our minds navigate between opposing forces – light and dark, pleasure and pain.

Therefore, it’s crucial to acknowledge the possibility of its counterpart, sadness, in moments of joy. True joy isn’t rooted in desires, identifications, or attachments. Instead, as previously discussed, it emerges from contentment, compassion, and serenity. Spiritual happiness, or bliss, is attained when we dissolve our ego and transcend the mind, embracing selflessness and experiencing unconditional love devoid of expectations.


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