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Without any doubt, we humans are the most advanced, aware, and enlightened among all living creatures. On top of all that, besides achieving tremendous technological, biological, and digital advances, we exploit and destroy nature from land and sea to air. All because the mind drifts excessively toward the material side, identifying and attaching egoistically to all we can accumulate rather than balancing the mind with spiritual insight.

Our phenomenal minds have enabled us to create the divine and the devil, discover from the stars to the subatomic particles, and, of course, now we have artificial intelligence as the latest buzzword. Despite all that, when we see anger, anxiety, and annihilation, we wonder how we can consider ourselves to be homo-sapiens – wise when we are not. We desperately need to align our body and mind with the third quotient, the soul, which we do not know much about what it is and how to experience.

Let me elaborate on some spiritual features we commonly ignore and do not follow.

The mind is an abstract concept transmitting the electro-chemical flow of energy carrying information through neurons via neural pathways, which we refer to as thoughts. It is not who we are but what we are since we always claim body and mind as ours. The mind tends to operate in dualities of opposites, primarily towards external benefits to choose for its material wants. The spiritual way to transcend this phenomenal mind is first to check and guide its wandering nature from its random and reckless behavior, overwhelmed by constant needs, identifying and attaching to all its demands and desires.

First, seek clarity and contentment. The clarity in all that we presume to know makes realizing our objectives and goals easier, giving our lives a boost of meaning and fulfillment. Further, contentment offers a sense of happiness and serenity with one’s current situation rather than continuously aiming for more or comparing oneself to others. It is about embracing contentment in the here and now instead of constantly seeking approval from others or wanting more material benefits.

The second is social companionship; we spiritually grow higher through contact with learned and wise ones. You should associate with those insightful ones and walk with them to become clear-sighted because of the indirect psychological influence wise companions impart in making what we are at any given time.

The third is to be in meditative awareness, existentially celebrating life from one moment to the next rather than unduly brooding over the past and overly anxious about the future in the display of your living to show more to others what you are rather than be what you indeed are.

Fourth, the mind can be your foe or friend. It is an instrument for you to use and not get used by it through its ongoing demands in emotional desires. In this way, living in a higher consciousness is possible without being dominated by the subconscious section of the mind. Always be alert and aware to introspect as an impartial and uninvolved witness of how your mind operates at every given moment toward your feelings, thoughts, and actions, and not get carried away with mindless beliefs in a superstitious mindset.

Fifth, please remember freedom from the mind prevails when love dominates hate, kindness replaces meanness, and selflessness triumphs over selfishness. Further, the mind remains uncontrollable without being able to experience its superconscious section, which we refer to as the soul. For that, we need to know and understand what the soul is, which most of us are ignorant of. It is for this reason that the mind runs on auto-mode, from its egoist thoughts, collecting, processing, and deciding from its lower or subconscious section randomly and recklessly in dual opposites, creating bouts of happiness and sadness, taking us on a roller-coaster ride in dualities to choose this or that for its likes and dislikes in a selfish manner.

Sixth, you are that spiritual being going through human experiences. A subtle and sublime connection exists between the observer observing the observed through the mind. You are that absolute aware energy (spirit) contained in the individual soul to make the mind first aware and, if attentive, conscious. You are that pure observation, which spontaneously witnesses unquestioningly without any justifications, neither identifying nor attaching to the mind’s emotional desires.

Spirit is the supreme universal ability of energy in the form of awareness; the soul is that individual observer representing the superconscious section of the mind containing the spirit, and the remaining cognitive section functions in duality under conscious and subconscious thoughts to feel, think, and act to appease its body and mind.


Seventh is that self-realization of knowing “That Art Thou,” the divine nondual aware energy playing in the illusions of life in dualities to experience what life is all about OR, according to the Second Law of Thermodynamics – creating that disorder, characterized as a quantity known as entropy, which always increases. In our case, making the mind recklessly go into disorder via thoughts that create, sustain, and destroy so that the absolute indivisible supreme energy can recreate itself from its cyclical vibrations.

Hence, you are that universal abstraction in mind, the Absolute spirit without any personal “I, me, or mine” or the ultimate unchanging reality, which Vedic science calls “Parabrahman.” Contained in a temporal body and mind with a name and gender, appear and disappear, experience dualities of life to exercise the power of choice. Hence, while your body and mind are active and alive, choose to balance the two by materially being rich and healthy and spiritually human on the other end.

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