A vision to find a spiritual leader who can guide you in the path of spirituality

Who can be a spiritual leader?

In today’s world there are a number of people who portray themselves as a spiritual leader. However spiritual leadership is not such an easy thing to attain. Most of us have read about spiritual leaders like Buddha, Jesus, Guru Nanak etc. In the Bhakti era many spiritual leaders and sufi saints emerged who really had in themselves the potency to transform their followers to a great extent. Most of these spiritual leaders encouraged their followers to lead a simple life and meditate.
What makes one a spiritual leader
A spiritual leader is a person who himself or herself is highly evolved and can initiate this kind of evolution in their disciple. The disciples are also carefully chosen by the spiritual leader. This is because just as all people do not have the capacity to become a spiritual leader, similarly not all individuals have the capacity to become spiritual disciples.
As mentioned above the spiritual leader has the ability to choose worthy disciples. On the other hand true spiritual leaders do not have any material greed or even desire. The spiritual leader is one who is in tune with nature and the divine energy of the universe. God, the Almighty, Allah etc. are the names given to the supreme spiritual power that runs the world.
A spiritual leader is in sync with the energies emanated by this supreme-being and they can use the energy of this supreme power to cause physical, mental and spiritual changes in themselves as well as their disciples.

Why do spiritual leaders choose the path?

Many of you may have heard about the Maslow theory of requirement of human beings. In these needs Maslow has mentioned a state of being called self-actualization. A spiritual leader will let go of their basic needs if necessary to reach a stage of existence known as self-actualization.
Such a spiritual leader does not mind the suffering they have to go through in order to be abspiritual leader and they forsake the worldly comforts to achieve a higher state of being which makes them spiritual leaders. Here you can take the example of Mother Teresa. Of course India has created many spiritual leaders like Ramakrishna Paramhamsa, Sri Aurobindo, Mother Mirra, Swami Vivekanda and a lot many more
In their life-times they have set themselves as examples for not only their disciples but also for others who take inspiration from their lives. As aspiritual leader they did not have just Indian followers, but also have been able to spread the spiritual message of the divine to the general masses around the world. They left behind books which ensure that people will read these books and will learn the path to divinity by understanding them.
Here you need to understand that while it is a great thing to take the inspiration from these spiritual leaders and live a life that is balanced. Most of us have responsibilities and it is not taught in any school of spirituality at least in India, to shirk your responsibilities for any religion.

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