Mind, Body, and Spirit

People from all fields of life often use this term, without really knowing its actual meaning. In simple terms – mind body spirit interacts and influences each other as one and not three. All three are distinct but act as one. To be healthy, wealthy and wise, we must pay attention to all three, but first, we need to know what it really means?

The basic concept behind this phrase implies we are more than just our thoughts. If you can observe, read, divert and direct your own thoughts, clearly indicates you are more than what you think. The mind is simply an operating system, which functions on its own subconsciously in an unconscious manner unless someone watches over it. The moment the spirit watches and witnesses the mind; it becomes aware and conscious and starts to behave itself.

Our body may have its own biological intelligence, but mind’s behavioral pattern like stress and anxiety can create many physical ailments. Mental issues have a dramatic effect on the wellbeing of our self as a whole. Both body and mind together reflect ‘what you are.’ The series of conscious experiences, which one goes through in life determines the quality of your awareness and is responsible for that uniqueness, which finally develops your individuality. This metaphysical becoming of what you are has been referred to, as individual consciousness, which today is the flavor of both science and spirituality.

Spirit or aware energy is that ‘being’ seated within the mind and body, which makes us ‘who we are’. The presence of this ‘being-ness’ or as we call it, awareness relates to that intensity of aware energy in any individual. If and when awake, this energy watches and witnesses the mind to make it aware and conscious of its own past awareness, as well of its surroundings.

Hence ‘being’ is the presence of this individual aware energy and ‘becoming’ reflects the totality of all three in the form of consciousness. Awareness is that cause of which consciousness is its essential reality.

In life, the aspects of physiological, psychological and spiritual play their own roles but in conjunction with each other. The body is navigated mainly by the mind, but it is the spirit, which drives the mind. It is that ‘self- onlooker’ which witnesses our thoughts and makes mind spontaneously aware. Thoughts move randomly and in an unconscious manner, unless the spirit intervenes and makes it aware. Through this observatory power, the super-conscious level, mind is able to determine its own behavior and intentions, how to experience and realize any act.

Our cells constantly communicate with each other, inside out in this force and field of Universal aware energy. They receive information and respond accordingly. Each cell experiences and functions as a member of the community in which they live, body-mind and spirit as one. Just be constantly alert, attentive and aware, your mind shall become a faithful servant of your individual spirit and stabilize itself to look after your body. The mind-body-spirit union is that wondrous whole being, which reveals ‘who and what you are’ to determine its journey of life, wherever you are

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