Spiritual Evolution

Life is a flux of uncertainties and the nature of reality in our being is nothing but movement and change. Different forms of energies interact with each other in order to become some-thing. We may crave for balance, moderation or stability that too is not sustainable for long, especially if we are not observant of every change, which takes place in our very own existence. Everything – physical, mental or spiritual – has been undergoing a constant change for billions of years.

Change is a must; otherwise there would be no evolution. This has happened on all fronts whether physical or mental, science or spiritual? Even though we are spiritual beings undergoing human experiences, evolution has been more of an individual endeavour. Only through choice and desire, whether consciously or unconsciously, we determine that state of our self-consciousness as we sail through this journey of life. Change provides us with choice and desires, the basic fuel to move the mind.

The more you resolve externally or internally, the further you evolve, which in return is an endless journey of life. Science is for the external and spiritual has been for the internal. The story of life shows they are two expressions of a single reality. However, the progress in the former has far out paced the latter. This has created a lopsided development revealing more of a negative and unbalanced society in which we live.

Both quests have evolved from the nature of our inquisitiveness

to all that exists. Basically we are curious about everything, from subatomic to the stars, before birth and after death. Gradually technology evolved from our scientific quests and organized religion from our spiritual aspirations. Both originate from beliefs, but in science, beliefs keep changing and progressing with time. However, spiritually we are bound, attached and identified to prehistoric ideologies and beliefs, which never seem to change.

Hence our evolution is gradually turning into a crisis, where our progress as a whole has been a failure. The human mind and the nature of its consciousness are in a total mess. We speak of high ideals but are actions show the opposite. Science is easier for us to follow and practice, because discoveries and results are beneficial to all collectively. However, spiritual evolution is an experiential journey, where scriptures or supernatural beliefs do not make any difference. We simply need to be aware and conscious for our thoughts, speech and action. Every individual journey is unique where you need to create and carve your own style of performance.

You need to learn, follow and practice a certain order in science to evolve externally. In spirituality, simply following and worshiping will only lead you towards an illusion that you are something, which you are not. All beliefs need to be progressive for you to evolve; otherwise they stagnate into rituals leaving you as a blind follower of any faith. Science is what you measure and follow; spirituality is what you experience and realize not for the good or bad, but for that affiliation in awareness, for all that exists is one and not two.

Spiritual Evolution



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