The Essence of the Soul Unveiled


The Soul is an immaterial aspect of the human body and brain. It is an integral part of life and the source of the highest mental activities. The Soul is almost synonymous with self, spirit, or mind. In ancient civilizations, life was the fundamental conception of the Soul.

We often hear about the trinity of body, mind, and Soul, yet the Soul’s true nature remains an enigma for many. Our spiritual essence usually eludes us while overly acquainted with our physical and mental selves, engaged obsessively in material accumulations. Yoga offers a comprehensive approach to understanding these three aspects of our being, providing physical practices for the body, cognitive techniques for the mind, and “Witness Yoga” for the Soul.

The Soul is the spiritual essence of an individual, expressing awareness, identity, and the innermost self. It is the source of life and vitality, bringing life to the body and mind. Each Soul is unique and distinct. It retains a sense of superconscious identity and continuity throughout its journey. The Soul, residing in the thoughtless part of the mind, is that impartial ‘witnesser’ to the conscious and subconscious workings of the body and mind. It is the authentic self in pure consciousness, the non-dual choiceless awareness, from which we self-introspect to observe our subconscious thoughts multitasking, flowing recklessly and randomly into this or that under emotional desires.

The Soul is that potential divine within, a concept we call “THAT ART THOU.” On the journey of self-discovery, a spiritual seeker transcends from the lower or subconsciousness in material living and becomes self-aware of the actual self. It comprehends the Soul’s intricacies away from the state of the body and mind, from the realm of the physical and mental self to the spontaneous workings of the metaphysical self.

Both philosophy and science converge in understanding that our universe is a vast sea of formless, infinite potential energy. This energy is indivisible, eternal, and constant flow in unity and continuity, which can neither be created nor destroyed. From this boundless absolute unified energy, various transient kinetic energies, from physical to nuclear, separately manifest as mass and energy, emerge and eventually return to their non-dual source. Among these energies, we find the gross energy of the human body, the subtle energy of the mind, and the non-dual core energy of the Soul, collectively constituting the composite human identity.

The Soul, the superconscious section of the human mind, is the essence of pure conscious perception and understanding. It operates spontaneously and choiceless without relying on feelings or memory, serving as the foundation for aware-conscious energy.

The moment it interacts with the cognitive mind, the role of the Soul diminishes. It goes into entropy, attaching to what it is conscious about in the duality of either this or that, based on what it is centered and focused on. In contrast, the conscious and subconscious sections of the mind govern perception and understanding in lower or what we call ego consciousness. Consciousness relies upon memory and intellect, giving us the gift of choosing this or that for our likes and dislikes in emotional desires. The conscious mind is alert, attentive, aware, and focused on the present moment. Alternatively, the subconscious section operates in a faster auto-mode, drawing from past knowledge going into the future.


In understanding the Soul, it is essential to comprehend the concepts of non-duality and duality. The cognitive mind operates in duality, dealing with opposites and making choices based on relative factors like hot/cold, day/night, good/evil, etc. Non-duality, on the other hand, conversely, signifies the absolute ultimate metaphysical reality from which every duality arises.

The Soul represents the core of non-dual awareness in pure consciousness in the mind. Its primary function is to impartially witness the thoughts and activities of the conscious and subconscious mind. Through impartial observation, one can awaken the Soul and transcend from the emotional play of the dualities in choiceless thoughts and actions through sheer introspection. The Soul also augments performing in spontaneity, boosting the mind with exceptional and extraordinary energy, commonly referred to as eureka – ‘bingo, I’ve got it.’ This part subtly indicates the interconnection of the Soul acting as the receiver and that telepathic transmitter to and from with the supreme ability of cosmic energy, which we discover from the subatomic particles and the stars.

While the body and mind quantify our personality, the Soul adds a uniqueness to our individuality. It is the source of fresh creative energy, leading to spontaneous intuition, instinct, and intelligence. On the other hand, the intellect relies more on past knowledge from memory and external sources for reasoning and decision-making. I repeat that the Soul’s supreme ability lies in observing without judgment in spontaneity. Consciousness, the objective of the subjective Soul, eventually descends into duality while interacting with cognition. In the subconscious realm, uncontrolled thoughts eventually lead to entropy into self-destruction, a decline in quality propounded by the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

In conclusion, the journey of self-discovery encompasses the body, mind, and Soul. Because, in the grand scheme of existence, everything, from the micro to the macrocosm, is a construct of the mind shaped by perception in illusions. Ultimately, all that exists in the eternal universe is that unchanging non-dual energy temporarily interchanging in waves and particles, appearing and disappearing into the universe’s dark energy as nothing. Balancing materialism with the spiritual is crucial to saving our planet Earth. If we seek, understand, and experience beyond our body and mind how to balance the material with the spiritual, nurturing our spiritual Soul becomes vital for the well-being of all individuals and our world.


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