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In our relentless pursuit of progress in the material realm, the mysteries of life often remain unexplored. Please note this academic article is more for earnest spiritual seekers and will require multiple readings to grasp the sum and substance. We usually use terms like Spiritualism, Spiritual, Spirit, Spirituality, and Soul as if they mean the same, yet their distinct and independent meaning and understanding still eludes many.

It’s crucial to understand that the essence of spiritual-ness lies not in adherence to religious rituals, self-help, unquestioning beliefs, or cultural norms. It is more about pursuing spiritual knowledge for its comprehension and experience to know who and what you are within your body and mind and how to engage your soul, celebrate life, and balance material life with spiritual awareness.

Spiritualism is the study of the spirit connected to our life, but the question arises: what is the spirit, and how does it differ from consciousness? Further, the purpose of Spiritualism is to elaborate on the presence of the oneness of the spirit in unity and continuity in all living creatures. In contrast, the purpose of religion is more to separate one community from another, trying to prove that our god is superior to the other.

The term spirit holds various interpretations, ranging from the immaterial aspect of our existence to notions of ghosts, fairies, demons, and souls. However, at its core, the spiritual spirit embodies the absolute cosmic aware energy manifested within the superconscious section of the mind. It is responsible for uniquely making every living first aware and then conscious of all that we perceive and conceive while living in life. As a result, absolute, non-dual, spontaneous, and intuitive spiritual intelligence triggers the dualistic human mind to be aware and mindful of discovering and exploring everything we know, from the microcosm to the universe’s macrocosm.

Settled in what we call the soul, the spirit is the supreme ability of energy performing as the witness, embedded in the soul enacting as the witness-er to observe any individual mind and thoughts while introspecting, checking, and guiding, resulting in making the mind aware and conscious to facilitate its quality of life.

The study of the intricacies of the human spirit is the subject of Spiritualism, and the effort applied to engaging this subject with the methods of mantra, meditation, mindfulness, experiencing selfless service, etc., is the domain of Spirituality. Transcending the mind from the state of lower or subconsciousness into a realm of being meditatively aware and conscious from moment to moment without any space and time constraints toward higher consciousness is considered spiritual.

Consciousness, on the other hand, is being aware of oneself and one’s surroundings, a flow of individual psychic energy, making every mind unique and alive, emerging from the vast ocean of the universal spirit of awareness. The human mind flows into three sections by its degree of intensity.

The first section flows in subconsciousness functioning in duality, attaching to desirous thoughts in the lower or subconscious state. Secondly, we have a higher state of the conscious side, again attaching to the mind in duality to be mindful of this or that when the mind is focused and centered. Thirdly, the pure conscious nondual state spontaneously operates and is at par with total awareness. It is that superconscious state of mind, which we call the soul.

Please remember, your mind becomes conscious of this or that in relative opposites only after it becomes aware. Therefore, beyond the veil of individual mortality, the infinite expanse of the unified ultimate nondual immortal cosmic spirit of awareness finally endures.


In the realm of Spirituality, the impersonal spirit, enclosed in the soul functioning as the ”Witnessing Self,” in pure consciousness contrasts with the subconscious section of the mind entrenched in duality as the ego-consciousness. Amidst the tumultuous cycle of happiness and sadness, the spirit, playing the role of the witness, acts as a beacon, checks and guides the mind amidst its random chattering recklessly into this or that, while thoughts repetitively and selfishly flow here and there in entropy.

Remember, you are not a physical entity in a body or mind but the spirit of awareness as the witness in spiritual being-ness, navigating human experiences. Our body and mind are what we are as instruments for that Witness of who we are, merely to observe but not intervene. To access that truth, we must introspect and interiorize our true self, the spiritual awareness. We are that choiceless awareness because we bear witness to everything. The Universe unfolds after we observe from our body and mind to become aware. We are the subject, as a witness, and the nature of the witness is awareness.

The spirit within bestows awareness, triggering the mind, if alert, to become aware and, if attentive, to be conscious of what it observes and perceives, culminating in an individual level of consciousness defining your uniqueness. Awakening to this reality unveils the depth of our existence beyond the confines of body and brain, developing spiritual awareness for your mind to balance the excessive emotional desires, which predominantly entraps your soul in an illusionary world of ego-consciousness.

The Spirit, the eternal absolute nondual aware energy known in Indic scriptures as ”Para Brahman,” fosters the universe’s transient manifestations. The supreme ability of energy, the substratum on which all other temporal forms of energy superimpose, appears to disappear back into its fold. From its dormant state of dark energy waves, it awakens upon manifestation, embracing the dualities of our lives with awareness and purpose. This dance of energy, from creation preservation to its destruction in entropy to recreate again, is well described as the Dance of Shiva and Shakti, followed similarly by the Laws of Thermodynamics in Physics.

All concepts of deity, soul, reincarnation, and creation stem from the innate desire or fear for something beyond. Yet, at its core, awareness embodies the witnessing spirit comprising nothing because it is unaware of itself. Everything, governed by cause and effect, emerges from this void, ultimately returning to its source in ”Shunyata,” zero or, in other words – nothingness.

I reiterate the soul is that superconscious section of the mind where the Spirit resides. Every mind must awaken the soul from the mundane life of living materially and intellectually, believing this and that out of borrowed knowledge in subconscious beliefs prone to constant change. It excessively submerges itself in selfishness, striving to fulfill the ego mind’s never-ending emotional desires. Consequently, realizing spiritual enlightenment remains elusive while bound by space and time constraints unless one becomes aware of the true self beyond the body and mind after comprehending who you are as the spirit transcending the illusionary play of psychological lifestyle.

In self-realization, the illusion of ”you” in body and mind dissipates, leaving only the eternal universal aware energy—the true essence of the spirit. You realize the futility of ego while amassing this and that, going beyond the dual living of happiness and sadness, recognizing the significance of clarity, contentment, and constancy of living a fulfilled life in its wholesomeness with peacefulness.

If you seriously wish to imbibe the true meaning of self-knowledge, embark on such a journey of self-discovery with self-awareness, delving into the depths of Spirituality to unveil the essence of the spirit within. Embrace the realization that beyond the temporary trappings of the material world lies the eternal truth of our existence—the Spirit –Namaste.


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