Where Do Our Thoughts Come From? Hidden New Secrets


In an earlier video, I had spoken about what thoughts are, and today I would like to answer a difficult question: where do our thoughts emerge from? Answering this question discomforts both science and spiritualism. Philosophers and ancient sages, on one side, proclaimed that we are nothing but a bundle of thoughts. We are what we think. After being devoted and dedicated to the subject of spiritualism, I have understood with clarity that we are not thoughts.

It is because you are before you think. If you are not there, thoughts are not there. So, you cannot be thoughts since you can read them. You can direct them in the manner that you wish, even if it is for a small period of time. So how can you be your thoughts? You cannot. And you will never say that you are thoughts. You will never say that you are the mind. Instead, you will always say, “My thoughts. My mind.” This means the mind is yours; it is an instrument. Instead of you using it, it uses you through its thoughts.

Spiritualism and science say that all that exists in this universe is nothing but constant indivisible energy vibrating in different frequencies. Energy is not a thing but the ability or the capacity to do work. Thought is an example of psychic energy.

According to the second law of thermodynamics, energy moves in entropy, in disorder, recklessly like the way thoughts do. They multitask and are repetitive and uncontrollable. That is why the mind is uncontrollable. It is very difficult or rather impossible to control your thoughts.


The subject of spiritualism revolves around ‘who you are, and we can come to know ourselves only when we quieten or silence our thoughts through meditative awareness. Until and unless we silence our thoughts, we do not come to know our authentic self, or we cannot awaken our real self. Thoughts create a false self, tricking us into believing – I am that. It is your personality, not your individuality. It is your persona. In Greek philosophy, it asserts that persona, a false mask, rules over you, your body, and your mind It is ruling over you through its desires and emotions. It is that false self of me, mine and myself – for self-preservation.

Thoughts are repetitive and often harmful. Science says that 80 per cent of our thoughts are negative. I would even say that thoughts are also the cause of most of your problems. This is because the moment a crisis comes, thoughts create agitation, conflict, anxiety, and depression by thinking on that subject again and again. So, thoughts are the cause of many of your problems. They aggravate whatever is bothering you, so they become the leading cause.

Before I explain the source of our thoughts to you, it is essential to know first what thoughts are? Thoughts are cognitive perceptions, ideas, and beliefs emerging from a mind, flowing through chemical activity in the brain flowing through a field of electromagnetic energy.

Let us understand it like this. Light is a field of energy of the force and the sun’s power. We feel the power and see the light circling it. This way, we come to the source of light, the sun. Similarly, thoughts constitute a field of energy, and once we understand the force illuminating this energy field, we discover the source of thoughts.

Thoughts, as I said, are perceptions, ideas, and beliefs of this world. Thoughts are of two types: spontaneous thoughts and thoughts with choice.

The human mind basically functions through voluntary thoughts choosing between this and that for its self-interest. It is designed to function in duality. It fundamentally makes a choice between likes/dislikes, divine/devil, truth/lie, good/bad, positive/negative, hot/cold etc. So, the mind functions in dichotomy, in opposites. Choiceless thoughts are involuntary and non-dual. In non-dual spontaneous thinking, there are no choices. There is no need for the mind to separate the totality, the wholesomeness of the energy into duality from its oneness. Non-dual thoughts occur impromptu, unplanned and on the spot without any selfish choices into this or that.


Our ancient sages have said in Advaita Vedanta, where Advaita means not two and Vedanta means the end of Vedas, that there is no such thing as two. All that exists in the nothingness of the universe is its absoluteness in totality, from which all subset energies appear and disappear whether it is nuclear energy or psychic energy. One can interchange all subset or temporary energies from one to another, such as superimposing wind onto electrical, on the substrate of the supreme non-dual energy.

Similarly, thoughts too appear from the force of awareness which creates a field of consciousness for the conscious or subconscious thoughts to gradually disappear after settling within the memory. Back into the nothingness of the universe, into the absoluteness of the universe from which all sorts of subset energies like chemical energy, nuclear energy, electrical energy, psychic energy, magnetic energy interchanging within themselves, disappearing back into the absoluteness of dark energy, which comprises of around 96 per cent of the universe.

Therefore, our sages highlighted one supreme ability amidst all the transient abilities of absolute energy—the aware conscious energy. That is who we are: aware conscious energy. Awareness first, consciousness second. The -ness suffix in awareness or consciousness clarifies the intensity of any individual energy.

Aware conscious energy differentiates living from non-living. A rock will not be conscious whereas, for a living creature, the intensity may differ. The plants are aware and conscious, the animals are further conscious, and we humans have the highest intensity and potential.

That is why the sages claimed: “That art Thou”, “Aham Brahmasmi”, “Shivohum”; meaning you are that divine. That insight within you, that aware energy within you, is the absolute aware energy which spontaneously flows out through the soul. It is settled in the soul – the superconscious section of the mind, and it comes out involuntarily when the mind is silent to quietly witness your own mind and its dual operating thoughts.

Meaning, when the mind is silent, the soul awakens. Or, when the mind is doing something excessively, there is a subtle warning from this aware energy. If you are eating too much, there will be a warning. If you are binge drinking alcohol, once you exceed a certain limit, it will tell you to stop. Anything which you should not be doing, this aware energy guides you in its wholesomeness as a witness-er. It is also called the witnesser in pure consciousness where there is no separation in duality. It simply witnesses. Since the mind cannot be controlled, the soul checks and guides the mind.

The choiceless thoughts arise when the mind is alert and becomes aware spontaneously in the presence of now. Choiceless awareness is always in the presence of now, from one moment to the next. It is called meditative awareness or mindfulness. The soul is awakened, and the mind is silent. The divine within awakens.

Choiceless awareness may be hardly 0.5 per cent of our thoughts. As per neuroscientists, the remaining over 98 per cent of our mind is functioning at the subconscious level, from past awareness not in the presence of now. So, the thoughts now are voluntary with choice. This means that with every thought, there is a choice granted to you which is not granted to say, animals or plants.

You have the power of choice in the highest manner to choose out of random thoughts. The mind extracts past information from memory and a small quotient of its intelligence from the now. So over 98 per cent of the thoughts are from the past. It extracts and sends this information through neural cells to the intellect which reasons, evaluates, analyzes, judges, and decides what to choose between any two factors.

So over 98 per cent of the mind is subconsciously working in auto-mode from its past awareness mechanically or intellectually, meaning in lower consciousness segregated into duality. The remaining small portion for choiceless thoughts functions intelligently from fresh awareness spontaneously. The soul plays a crucial role in providing such new awareness. It simply observes and witnesses. So, thoughts, by and large appear and disappear, like all subset energies appear and disappear, back into the absolute non-dual ‘Shunya’ (nothingness of this universe). All energy, physical or conscious, goes back into absolute energy.


When the mind is alert, it becomes aware and after that, if the mind is attentive, it becomes conscious. From the conscious, it goes into the subconscious level. The consciousness goes to sleep when the mind is in deep sleep. But the moment you wake up, you know everything around you; you do not have to be conscious about it. This means that awareness does not goes to sleep. It is the conscious energy that goes to sleep. The aware energy is the ultimate energy, that is why we are the ultimate potentiality to explore, discover and invent all that is there in the universe and not plants and animals.

So, you are that aware energy through which you reflect and radiate knowing from the macrocosm to the microcosm, from the planets to the subatomic particles like atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons, and everything. You are just waves of energy. That is why science says that every atom is 99.99999 per cent empty space because all that exists is just waves of absolute energy.

To sum it up, thoughts are the quantum, content or the objective of what you are. It is the quantity in your mind of what you are because it subconsciously consumes over 98 percent of your mind. But who you are is more or less asleep all the time. That is why the word used is awakening, an awakening of the soul and the activation of the mind. The mind gets activated, and the soul simply awakens.

‘Who you are’ is asleep most of the time. I am not talking about your identities like Mr./ Ms./ Mrs., female/male, or the names given by others. All the information that you have in your intellect and memory is borrowed knowledge from others, media, or the internet. You become an intellectual out of that, a scholar, and feel so proud of it thinking that this is who you are. But what you do not realize is that you understand that information through your intelligence, instinct, and intuition. This intelligence is your aware energy and intellect – the basis, quality or the subject of who you are.

The source, subject, and context of ‘who you are’ is aware energy. It is exclusively dealt with in the Vedas. In the first Mahavakya (one of the four great sayings from the Advaita school of Vedanta), Prajnanam Brahma means intelligence is Brahma; that the creator and the creation are the same. They are not two. So, thoughts are a flow of electromagnetic energy emerging from chemical activity in the brain. They are the carriers of information here, and the source is not that; the source is who you are in awareness.


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